5 x Isowhey Shake and Meal Replacement Hampers

About The Product

Looking for more than just a protein powder? Look no further - the IsoWhey® range not only offers weight management solutions, but also serves as a wonderful nutritional addition for optimal health and wellbeing.

IsoWhey® has been developed for health conscious people looking for a way to balance good nutrition with a busy lifestyle. This everyday solution contains pure whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows combined with Seagreens®, a raw superfood and rich source of iodine, iron, calcium and potassium. IsoWhey® is packed with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, plus provides your body with digestive enzymes, prebiotic fibre and probiotics for nutritional and digestive balance.

Nutritious meals should be anything but a burden and that is why the IsoWhey® range boasts a variety of tasty flavours in the form of shakes, to provide you with nutritional balance, without compromising on taste.

IsoWhey® is recommended for daily nutritional supplementation; for those who are time-poor; for seniors; for those who have limited cooking abilities; and for those looking for long-lasting weight management solutions. The product range features un-denatured protein, is gluten free, and free from artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Product Reviews

Grant129, Idalia QLD


I have to admit that II approached these products with a bit of trepidation. I've never had protein bars or powders before and I'd heard that they had a bad mouth texture and a worse taste.

I'm very pleased to report that these are an exception, because they were DELICIOUS. When trying the meal replacement bars the first impression was how dense and filling they felt in the hand. I don't know what superfoods normally taste like, but the bars taste like a really nice chocolate coated muesli bar. They are as filling as they felt, and can definitely serve as a meal replacement.

The weight management powder was equally as good. It has a genuinely nice coffee flavour as was great on its own or incorporated into a healthy smoothie. The powder was easy to stir to a smooth consistency in either water or skim milk, and it didn't leave a powdery texture in the mouth that I've heard these products can.

Overall a really easy and tasty way to eat healthily.

Shazzam, Eagle Vale NSW


Awesome product, the bars, taste great & are substantial and fill you up. I was quite surprised - as a meal replacement, they make an ideal breakfast so you forget you are hungry until lunch time. The bars are extremely nutricious & choclately - the shakes are substantial & taste great & it is great knowing that the whey protein is building muscle while I exercise. All round a great product with non of the floury tastes of other products I have tried.

Kara-lee, Maryland NSW


Great products! I tried the Coffee shake and while I was a bit put off by the smell before drinking, it was actually quite delicious. I would recommend using a shaker to ensure all the powder is mixed through though. The Isowhey Chocolate Superfoods bar however was my favourite! The portion is HUGE and it tastes divine. So very filling. Who knew nutrition could taste so good!

Emma, Nollamara WA


Thanks very much for the opportunity to try the Iswhey products!

I recieved a large tub of the Coffee flavoured shake mix and a whole box of the chocolate protein/meal replacement bars.

The shakes are great - quick and easy to make. I already had a 'shaker' to use. I make it up with skim milk rather than water as I prefer the flavour and texture with the milk. It tastes nice - not artificial or even like it is 'diet'. I've been having it in place of my breakfast and have found it leaves me full for a while.

The bars though are my favourite. They are 200 calories each, so are a great meal replacement. They taste great too, and who doesn't like chocolate flavour!? I have one for lunch, sometimes with a piece of fruit as well. It leaves me full enough.

I can't say whether it's helping with weight control, as I've only been doing it for a week and a bit (and not strictly following an eating regime), but time will tell. I'll be keen to repurchase both products and read more into Isowhey's eating plan recommendations.