5 x Ionmax Ion401 Air Purifiers

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About The Product

An Ionmax Ion401 Air Purifier produces negative ions and traps airborne allergens on three collection blades, leaving clean, healthy, fresh air. Not all air purifiers are the same and not all of them will clean the air with the same efficiency as an ionic air purifier.

The Ion401 circulates the air, up to 60 square metres, without the use of disruptive motors or fans and completely cleans out peculiar smells, smoke and household odours.

Best of all there are no costly filters to replace; ever! Remove the steel blade assembly and wipe them clean with a damp cloth, it’s as simple as that.

Use the Ion401 in any or every room of the house, or office and you will notice the difference! While you sleep, while you work even while you're cooking or watching television you will breathe easier with the Ionmax Ion401 Air Purifier.