5 x Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Packs

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About The Product

Black Seed Oil- a multi-purpose oil that has been revered world-wide for its remarkable healing properties, is fast becoming a product of choice as a health supplement and beauty-bag-must-have. Australian company Hab Shifa have introduced an all-natural range of Black Seed Oil products that can be ingested, as well as applied topically to the skin and scalp.

Containing a unique synergy of properties, the oil has found to be highly absorbent and doesn’t leave the oily residue that most other face/body oils have been known to do. This makes it an excellent addition to any beauty regime as a natural moisturizer for the skin, and a nourishing treatment for luscious locks. The oil has also been found to be highly effective in treating problems such as eczema, scar healing and hair loss.

Hab Shifa skin care consists of a Moisturizing Lotion and Body Wash that contain 100% pure Black Seed Oil as the key ingredient. Teamed up with Rosehip oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, the skin care range will provide your skin with the ultimate indulgence while reaping the therapeutic benefits of Black Seed Oil. All Hab Shifa products are Australian-made and contain natural and organic ingredients. www.habshifa.com.au

Product Reviews

Tamara, Healy QLD


After having my second child I have been suffering extremely badly with stretch marks and have not found anything that has helped me so far. Until I got to try the hab shifa black seed oil pack. Amazing, finally my stretch marks are reducing in colour and size. I can not give this product enough credit as it has really helped me to feel amazing about myself again. Although, I would suggest not having the oral taken oil on its own, this was a horrible experience for me personally and once I put it into tea found it to be okay to take. Thank you for picking me and allowing me to experience some relief with my stretch marks. My skin is glowing and I am inlove with these products.

Kiahlou, Deniliquin NSW


This is a fantastic product, my skin is glowing so much people have asked if im pregnant! i'm losing less hair and its so soft and shiny. The only issue I've had is the capsules repeating on me, but im prone to heartburn so that might just be me. I will definetely be restocking this one when its finished.

Josie70, Largs North SA


I really liked the moisturiser! I tested it on the most needy part of me I could think of - my heels - and the results were good! The body wash I also liked. When using the tablets I did not notice any difference to my health or skin as is claimed. The oil had a slightly unpleasant taste when taken orally, and again I did not see any particular benefit. On the skin the smell was a bit like Eucalyptus oil. It sunk into the skin nicely but I preferred the moisturiser. My children occasionally suffer eczema and I will try it on that but the opportunity has not arisen yet.

Thanks for the opportunity to try an interesting new product.