5 x H2Coco Gift Packs

About The Product

H2Coco are renowned for their pure, natural and nutritious coconut water. Innovators in their field, H2Coco are committed to delivering the highest quality products, packaged in the most environmentally friendly way.

Proudly authentic and totally natural, H2Coco Pure Coconut Water naturally rehydrates and is a fat-free, low calorie health drink packed with potassium.

The original best seller comes straight from the coconut (not nasty concentrate) and has no added sugar, preservatives, additives or artificial colours.

H2Coco’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is 100 per cent natural and raw, cold pressed, gluten and dairy free and vegan approved and is a great addition to any smoothie for an energy boost.

For those who like an all-natural beauty regime, our coconut oil is the perfect way to nourish skin, moisturise hair and remove makeup!

Product Reviews

MelissaO99, Taringa QLD


H2Coco Pure Coconut Water: This coconut water has a delicious taste. I love that there is no added sugar and its pure. The size is perfect to add to my bag for hydration while out. My four year old daughter and husband both enjoyed the taste as much as I do. We added to our banana smoothies and I made ice blocks with it by adding fresh fruit.

Coconut Oil: This oil is fantastic. It has a great texture and taste when added to smoothies, cooking, muffins and cupcakes. Was great to use in rice crispy treats that my daughter loved! I was inspired to add to my conditioner routine this week which gave me soft shiny hair.

Cupcakediva7, Keperra QLD


It taste is delicious and ideal for cooking

Chrissy13, Toodyay WA


I tried to H2Coco Pure Coconut Water. Comes in 330ml packs. Wonderful taste and is actually good for me, which is great. Refreshing, low calorie and pure too. Not full of bubbles and sugar. Well worth purchasing. The perfect drink.

I also used the H2Coco’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I used the oil in a curry base, a stir-fry and then as a thickener for chocolate icing on a dessert slice. It was great every time and the taste was brilliant.

Then I tried it as a skin moisturiser and it wasn't greasy and absorbed well. Made my skin feel soft. Such a versatile product.

I am going to continue to experiment with different uses for the Virgin Coconut oil and will be adding it to my shopping list from now on.

Definitely worth purchasing.