5 x Fried Chicken & Friends Cookbooks by Gregory Llewellyn & Naomi Hart

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About The Product

An American chef meets an Australian performer and together, Fried Chicken & Friends is born.

It's a food phenomenon created by Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart, the owners of the restaurant, Hartsyard.

Hartsyard is not only their dream restaurant, it's one of Australia's hottest food venues today.

Fried Chicken & Friends is the ultimate collection of 100 American-inspired recipes, including, oyster po' boys, mac n' cheese, sweet potato pie, ice-cream stuffed doughnuts to name just a few. And of course the ultimate Golden Brown Delicious fried chicken.


Product Reviews

Megan594, Pennant Hills NSW


Hartsyard is one of Sydney's most popular southern cooking restaurants. Owners Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart have given us the chance to cook some of Hartyard's signature American-inspired dishes at home, through their Hartsyard Family Cookbook: Fried Chicken & Friends.

The cookbook boasts 100 down-home recipes that are sure to leave family and friends filled to the brim! From exciting savoury dishes, such as char-grilled broad beans, smoked lamb ribs, and their famous golden fried chicken, to mouth-watering sweet treats like bacon and maple syrup waffles, ice-cream stuffed doughnuts and sweet potato pies; Fried Chicken & Friends has a little something for everyone.

The owners are also big on drinks, so have made sure to include recipes for some of their favourite cocktails such as Poppy's whiskey sours.

Fried Chicken & Friends is the ideal cookbook for American food lovers, particularly those feeding a hungry crew!

Todd68, Horsley NSW


Found this book great
For all those people who love American cuisine this is the book for you or great for a gift to friends or family.

Ella144810, Doncaster VIC


This is a really great cookbook for anyone who wants to try Southern cooking. It is an Australian book, so you can get all the ingredients. It does not presume that the person using the book knows everything about this style of cooking. It explains everything so that you can understand and try all the recipes. The food itself is great and you can start simple and expand your knowledge and experience at your own pace. Congratulations. Great cookbook.