5 x ‘FLY ME TO THE MOON’ French Comedies DVD Packs

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About The Product

In Isabelle’s family, every first marriage has ended in divorce. To circumvent her family’s curse, Isabelle devises a plan: marry and divorce a complete stranger before wedding her faultless fiancé Pierre. Genius! After her initial plan backfires, she targets Jean-Yves (Dany Boon, MICMACS), an adventurous yet quirky travel writer whom she tries to manipulate with her powers of seduction...

A series of misadventures follow as they take on Denmark, Africa and then Moscow in whirlwind succession, breaking Isabelle out of her comfortable routine existence. Despite her best efforts to see her dastardly scheme realised, things don’t go to plan and Isabelle experiences the rush of life-on-the edge. Will she discover that love doesn’t always come in the perfect package?


To celebrate the DVD & Digital release of FLY ME TO THE MOON, this hilarious new French romantic comedy starring Diane Kruger (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), we’re giving viewers the chance to win a delightful modern French Comedies DVD pack, including FLY ME TO THE MOON, WHAT’S IN A NAME?, HAPPINESS NEVER COMES ALONG and ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS.

Product Reviews

Naomi207, Fletcher NSW


What a great pack of movies. Foreign films are often hit and miss but each of these DVDs will make you laugh and cry. They all have great stories and their own quirky characters.
Myself, my husband and my parents watched the films on a rainy weekend and we all agreed that this was the best bunch of films we have seen in years.
Do yourself a favour, get some red wine, good cheese and sit down and relax with 'Fly me to the moon'. Its hilarious, romantic, heart warming, endearing and fun!

Bianca, Wyndham Vale VIC


Wonderful movies that help you escape and take a day trip to France! Great entertainment with storylines to match. My favourite would have to be Fly me to the moon.