5 x Faber-Castell Packs

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About The Product

Included in the Faber-Castell pack is a 12 pack of Connector Paints featuring unique interlocking waves, which allow users to lock the colours in to different colour schemes, along with a collapsible Waterpot and Clic and Go paintbrush for the budding painter. There’s also a 20 pack of connector pens in a range of colours. Connect the caps to keep them together and make fun shapes. Also included is a pack of 12 Watercolour pencils allowing artists to dissolve the colours at the touch of a wet brush, a pack of 5 Grip 2001 pencils and 24 Colour Grip pencils with built-in rubber dots providing the user with better control for a steady line and comfortable grip. The Textliner pack of 38 Highlighters feature extra long life water based ink and are durable and long lasting. Faber-Castell’s Tack It is multipurpose, removable and reusable tack to be used on a range of surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, porcelain, plastic and paper. Finally for the kids is a Creativity for Kids Mini Kit, with everything you need to promote creativity and imagination included in the box.

Product Reviews

Nic81, Hammond Park WA


My daughter was overly excited when this arrived! she is currently having trouble with her pencil grip, so the grip pencils have been helping in her maintaining the correct grip, as usually the pencils slide or move in her hand and she loses the correct grip. She has loved doing lots of drawings, especially now she has the very bright highlighters, which easily come out of clothing, as she has accidently coloured herself in! the paints are bright and vibrant on paper, and im sure will last a long time, as you only need a little to go a long way! the retractable paintbrush is a little hard for her to use and it does splash water if its not dry enough when retracting. we have been creating rings together, which was the act project that was included in her pack, and she has loved showing them off to everyone, as well as giving them as gifts. overall, the pack was terrific and I will definitely be buying when we run out or lose what we have! perfect gifts for little creative people!

Tanny, Sturt SA


Wow, what amazing quality products! Faber-Castell has been a favoured brand of mine since I was a kid, but I had no idea of their extensive range of products! The Connector Paints & pots were very popular with everyone, but my favourite had to be the Water Colour Pencils. The result was as if I'd purchased the most expensive water colours from an actual art shop! Looks like our kids have a new favorite range of art gear!

peggy210057, Wentworth Falls NSW


The colour - in tattoo party is a product which is great for all ages to entertain. The 24 colour grip pencils are great for art work. Excellent products from Faber - Castell.