5 x Ewenique Baby Sets

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About The Product

For every baby, life starts with a blanket and beanie. Ewenique are giving away five all-natural, 100% Australian merino wool blankets and funky little baby beanies.

The supersized baby blanket is perfect for swaddling your greatest gift and has been designed especially for the growing baby. The natural stretch allows for a perfect swaddle fitting snugly around bubs’ body which lessens their reactions to the startle reflex. It is super soft and all natural. And the cute little baby beanie is perfect for outings and for those cold nights. It's all natural and allows your child’s head to respond to temperature changes in the air, which means no more sweaty heads.

At Ewenique, we love merino wool, and hope you will too. It keeps heat and warmth close to the baby’s body when it is cold and moves it away when baby gets hot. It will constantly respond to your baby’s temperature and cater to their comfort needs. Ultimately merino is the safest choice and lessens the threat of overheating.

Our mission is simple, to provide beautiful garments that are natural, safe and healthy. We are proudly Australia made - please visit www.ewenique.com.au

Product Reviews

Angelina17, Warrenup WA


My daughter LOVES her new Ewenique merino wool blanket. Up until now we haven't been able to to dress/wrap her in any wool type products as her skin reacts. This blanket, however, is perfect.
I love the natural colour, we got this in 'Earth', which is ideal for matching it with a variety of outfits.
We live in a cold climate and this has been taken outside on 'outings' and used as an indoor napping blanket. Either way it has kept our daughter warm and makes her look incredibly cute.
The beanie is adorable. Normally our daughter will pull things from her head, but it is as if she doesn't even notice it. It's stylish and it keeps her warm.
And finally, after numerous washes, it has kept its colour and shape, something that doesn't often happen with other similar products.
I would highly recommend Ewenique products as a gift for a new mum, or as a special treat for your own gorgeous child.

swiftswife, Googong NSW


Absolutely terrific blankey & beanie. Amazed on the blankeys generous size & fantastic super soft feel. Colour (I have the olive green one)is beautiful. Both items are super smooth, very light weight, very warm & stretchy, so will fit for a long time. Love that both are made of all natural merino, breathable and versatile. Will be used as a cot blanket later on. Tecommend as the best present anyone could buy for a new parent. Congratulations go to Ewenique for all the work that has gone into making a fabulous product from the color choices, items workmanship etc. No negatives at all to report. FANTASTIC IN EVERY WAY. THANKYOU!!!!!!



Absolutely lovely product the blanket was warm soft and large enough to wrap a baby. It was luxurious to the touch had a lovely smell not the usual wool smell . I wrapped it around my shoulders while on the computer and it was very warm The hat was very cute and sat well on my daughters dolls head A lovely product to purchase as a gift, packaging was very unique loved it. Have visited your site already and loved what I saw will be purchasing from there in the future

cheers shazza

Kerry470, Drouin VIC


Ewenique made from Merino Wool so it is great soft fabric that is gentle on a baby’s skin. I foster babies so I was wondering if any benefit would be gained by me using this product. After reading all the information on Ewenique it had a high reputation to live up to and I must say that they didn’t disappoint. The baby blanket and beanie are a ‘godsend’. Babies that are placed in my care are born with many issues and at times serious complications, so I wondered that when using the blanket and beanie if I would notice any difference and I must say that I did. The babies that were placed in my care seemed to be more settled and relaxed, they were to snuggle into the soft fabric and when wrapped were still able to move as the fabric is naturally stretchy. I have washed the blanket many times and it still has held its shape and feel. I have found that it dries quickly, so it is able to be used again and again. This is important, as it is not just used for one baby, it will be used on all the babies that come into my care and when or if it wears out I will be purchasing the product so that I can provide comfort to those that need it most.

Mummasass , Boyne Island QLD


This product is made extremely well, the size of the blanket is fantastic as ive got an above average baby there are very few blankets that allow me to swaddle him properly and this product allows me to do so with ease. We live in a humid climate and the product was great in allowing my baby to be cool and not over heat. I would definitely recommend this product to all of the mums.