5 x ENJO Cleaning Sets

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About The Product

If you’re looking for a healthier household cleaning routine, ENJO’s range of environmentally friendly cleaning products are the perfect fit as they are chemical free.

With ENJO’s kitchen range you won’t have to worry about nasty chemicals around your food. All you need is water, as a single ENJO fibre is 100 times finer than a human hair. Each of the ultra-fine strands lift, trap and hold dust, dirt, bacteria, grease and grime. The particles are only released from the fibre when the cloths and gloves are washed or shaken.

You will save time with ENJO as a thorough clean once a week lasts longer then cleaning with a surface spray daily. You will save money too as each ENJO product lasts between 3 and 5 years!

Kitchen Glove - No choking on nasty surface sprays. Just water and two clever textures for removing grease and food residue from your rangehood, bench-tops, tiles and cooktop.

Kitchen Miracle - Working hand-in-hand with your Kitchen glove, this super-absorbent cloth dries fast leaving nothing but a shine.

Bamboo T-Towel - Softer, greener and more absorbent than its cotton counterparts, the bamboo-based fibre dries dishes, cutlery, glasses, cookware and more.

Product Reviews

Narelle43, Runcorn QLD


I was a bit sceptical to say the least when I first received my enjoy kitchen set. I mean, how could a glove and water possibly do a better job than all my cleaning products? I started off small, wiping down my Stone bench tops with the damp glove, followed by the kitchen miracle. I was pleasantly surprised. No visible marks, no residue, just a clean shiny surface. So I tried it on my oven top. Wow, the gas top looked brand new again and I live in a rental property! Enjo had my stainless steel cooktop and appliances sparkling. Even my fiance noticed and he never notices when I've been cleaning. I worked my way up to doing the inside of my oven after a few days. The video online made it look remarkably easy, too easy.... Again I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't say it was perfect and I certainly worked up a sweat cleaning it but it was a lot better than I thought it would be. I think maybe if you cleaned your oven with Enjo from when it was brand new it would do a really good job, but my oven has seen a lot of punishment over the years and probably needs just a little more oomph to get it in tip top shape, but using Enjo was a good start. All in all, I'm looking at Enjo in a new light. The glove and miracle are great for all my kitchen surfaces and I love the bamboo t-towel, so soft and stylish too. Would I buy Enjo products? Yes, I would, in fact, I'm looking at their bathroom packs now.

Jenitta, Wilsonton QLD


I suffer from asthma, and as a result a lot of differant chemicals bring it on. So using this product has been very easy to use as it doesn't bring on my asthma & I was surprised that using water only cleaned so well.