5 x Enerjet Ultra Rain Shower Heads

About The Product

Enerjet Ultra shower heads are ultra-efficient and can save the average Australian household $900 per year in reduced energy and water costs*. 

Australian designed and CSIRO tested Enerjet Ultra shower heads are modern, stylish and beautiful.  Easy to install, you can do it yourself in 5 minutes and start saving immediately. 

The Enerjet Ultra Rain shower is supremely luxurious and loves long hair, shampoo and conditioner.   With excellent water flow and pressure you will have an excellent shower experience that can save you money. 

Try it for yourself and be amazed.  We are sure you’ll love it.

*Savings estimates based on comparing Enerjet Ultra Handheld to household with 13.5 l/min shower head, electric water heating and 4 x 8 minute showers per day at average energy and water costs.  Indicative savings only, individual results will vary. See website for more details.