5 x Elucent Anti Ageing Core Product Packs

About The Product

Using a multifaceted approach to ageless skin, Elucent Anti-Ageing combines the proven wrinkle-reduction qualities of AHAs and the beautifying properties of a select blend of vitamins.

At the forefront of Elucent’s Anti-Ageing formulations are AHAs. They are scientifically proven to work by accelerating the skin’s natural process of exfoliation and increasing the natural rejuvenation process to reveal younger healthier looking skin.

This starter kit includes the three core products of the Elucent Anti Ageing range including the newly reformulated Elucent Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser with SPF 50+.

Elucent is available exclusively from Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist stores and is 100% Australian Made & Owned.

Product Reviews

Mandi30, Bethania QLD


Elucent products leave your skin feeling refreshed and rehydrated. I am of mature gage and have been using the cleanser, day and night creams. After two weeks my skin looks and feels smoother and looks healthier with a translucent sheen.

Christine1548, Girrawheen WA


The Elucent anti ageing gentle cleanser has a beautiful smell and sparkles as well. The packaging does state to use a small amount and I probably used too much at first. It worked effectively (for me) with only a small amount of product.

The Elucent anti ageing day moisturiser has a thin consistency and is easy to apply. It didn't seem to make my skin too shiny in appearance.

The Elucent anti ageing night moisturiser naturally has a thicker consistency and I applied more of it for the night time. I did not need as much cream as other products I have tried.

I am in my forties with sensitive skin prone to breakouts. I do have drier skin (on my cheeks mainly) than I did when I was younger.

My skin appears to be looking better after using the products.

People with sensitive skin should follow the instructions and not put on too much product like I did at first. I have noticed that I am still rubbing the skin between my eyebrows as it feels itchy.

I have read other reviews and they seem to be very positive however I would recommend people to do a spot test and decide for themselves.

Thank you Lifestyle and Elucent for giving me the opportunity to try these products.