5 x Eat Gourmet Organic Yoghurt Hampers

About The Product

eat. gourmet is a family-owned Australian company based on Sydney's Northern Beaches that makes organic yoghurt. Our company aims to provide yoghurt products that allow people to eat healthily and responsibly, without sacrificing delicious, gourmet flavours.

Our yoghurts contain organic ingredients and are all natural - which means no artificial colours or preservatives, free from gluten, cream and gelatine, yet high in nutritional value - all while making your taste buds dance!

That's why we live by our motto - "eat gourmet the healthy way".

With a simple (and easily readable!) ingredient list comes 11 flavours of delicious yoghurt including multi-award winning varieties such as “Coffee & Walnut Organic Yoghurt”, “Vanilla & Rose Organic Yoghurt”, “Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia Organic Yoghurt” and “Apple & Cinnamon Organic Yoghurt”. With no artificial colours or preservatives, this is old-fashioned eating at its most gourmet.

eat. gourmet allows you to choose to eat organic and all natural while still ensuring you have a range of delicious, gourmet flavours that don't just taste great - they are actually packed with nutritional goodness.

Product Reviews

George20, Gymea Bay NSW


Fabulous thick great tasting yoghurt.. my favourite was the passionfruit and the breakfast blend. Coffee and walnut was a little weird but flavour grew on you and was another one of my favorites.

Was a little tangy for my kids so definitely more for the grown up palette!

Lid a bit hard to open but that's just being picky. . A great product and i'll be keeping an eye out... thanks for letting me review. .

Theresa89, Pagewood NSW


Firstly thankyou for the extreme generosity of the pack you sent me as it included almost 3 times what I expected to receive!
I tried the lemon myrtle and macadamia first and was surprised with just how beautifully creamy it was with and with such a light lemony flavour. My mother also tried it and likened it to lemon cheesecake.
Next I sampled the apple cinnamon yogurt (for desert that same day), my only suggestion for this flavour would be more of a cinnamon hit to it, possibly throughout the yogurt itself rather than just on the bottom. But overall I was happy with the flavours and it more than satisfied the craving I had for dessert that night.
Passion fruit was next and my fiancé and I ate the entire large tub in one quick sitting as it seemed neither of us could get enough. It was the best passionfruit yogurt I've ever tasted, by far. I loved all of your fruit yogurts equally as much as the passionfruit as I found that they all had an absolutely perfect balance of flavours. The zesty acidity of the fruit had been brought out in all of them and in such a way that perfectly complemented the light sweetness of the yogurt.
I found rose and vanilla to be a bit sweeter than the other flavours but not overwhelmingly so. I also found the subtle rose taste to be such a lovely complement to the vanilla.
I also really enjoyed the breakfast yogurt but wished it had more nuts and oats added than the thin layer that topped the yogurt and added a little but more of my own when I ate it one morning.
I didn't like the coffee and walnut yogurt but as I am not a coffee fan that's not really saying much. My fiancé on the other hand loves coffee and he told me that he thoroughly enjoyed it.
I will defiantly purchase your yogurt when I see it in stores although when i visited your website I didn't find any stockists that were particularly local to me and my usual shopping trips but I'll be sure to pick some up if I'm ever in the bondi area. I particularly want to get my hands on your coconut yogurt as a am a huge coconut fan and after what I have already tasted of your range I can't wait to see what you've done with coconut!
Thanks again- Five stars for sure :)

Alex393, Hornsby NSW


Yes, they're really gourmet taste yoghurts and are the best yoghurts I've eaten. All my families love them, extremely creamy and delicious. My kids ask for yoghurts every morning, finish one container and want one more. I dare to give them as much as they like because they're organic and without artificial colours or preservatives. I highly recommend this yoghurt and will definitely buy it in the future.