5 x Delicake NON-bake Cake Ware Sets

About The Product

Delicake is an NON-bake premium cake ware product - designed to conveniently prepare, set & serve your recipes.

Its transparent material allows you to see perfect layers when assembling your ingredients. Delicake three piece Master has a lid to transport easily & a removable sleeve. This allows you to perfectly cut and serve your masterpiece from the base.

Deliciously Displayed Cake Ware order online: www.delicake.com.au

Product Reviews

Joy133, Cranbourne VIC


Finally, someone has created a NON-bake Cake container that actually does what it advertises. This week I was selected to try a Delicake Deliciously Displayed Cakeware product.
The idea is, you make the no bake cake in the container eg Cheesecake; and you can also serve from the same plate and store/freeze the leftovers, also in the same product.
On first sight I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t overly large. It’s the size of a regular deep cake tin, maybe a 24cm (sorry I’m not good with metric sizing). The top and sides/sleeve are both detachable from the base for ease of use and it’s made of clear acrylic. The plastic slicer and lifter completes the set.
I decided to make a Banoffee Pie as the recipe looked good. Removing the lid and keeping the sides intact, it was easy to press the crumb base into the “tin”, then replace the lid to refrigerate. Once the other ingredients are in place cover and refrigerate until time to serve. The clear acrylic sides allowed me to see the finished layers of the pie.
To serve just remove the lid and gently slide the sides up and away from the cake. Slicing With the accompanying knife is a breeze and leaves no scratches on the base; and if there are any leftovers, just replace the sides of the “tin” and place the lid on top and pop it back in the fridge. With just the two of us at home now, desserts are few and far between without the kids to demolish the goods so there was plenly of leftovers and thankfully this product keeps the pie fresh for several days.
And here’s the magic part.. it fits easily into a smaller fridge because it isn’t overly large or high. If something leaks above it in the fridge it won’t affect your cake because the flat lid fits on snuggly. And once the leftovers are gone, the Delicake pieces clean up easily in warm soapy water. Who could ask for more??

Bonita13, Port Sorell TAS


I received my Delicake no bake bake-ware set and straight out of the box it felt sturdy and all the pieces fit together nicely.
I decided to make a choc chip cheesecake with choc biscuit base. At first I was a bit confused as to what was the top and what was the bottom but then I noticed that they were, in fact, the same.
I found putting the biscuit base in pretty easy and the clear plastic meant that I was able to see if there were any gaps and also how thick the base was much easier and more efficient than a springform pan. I put a reasonable amount of pressure on the form as I was pressing down the base and it didn't falter once.
The great thing about the lid is that you can store it in the fridge and put things on top, especially at busy times like Christmas when fridge space is at a premium.
The product made it easy to travel, I have three children and the product felt secure, not once did it feel like it was going to come apart.
When it came time to remove the cheesecake from the form I found I had to wipe the sleeve with a hot cloth but other than that the sleeve was easy to remove. Putting the sleeve back on was a slight problem but we just ran it under hot water for a couple of seconds and it went back on smoothly (we had half a cheesecake left and had to transport it home).
The knife was fantastic!! Both my mum and I were surprised how easily it cut the cheesecake and base, it was effortless. It didn't leave a mark on the base as well. The server was also great and felt really sturdy to use, not flimsy at all and definitely a bonus. I would buy these products on their own if I could.
All in all this was a great product to use, store and transport. My family loved the cheesecake that I made in it and would recommend the product to anyone to use. It's worth the RRP and the instructions that came with it are easy to understand.

Yee Chin, Canning Vale WA


I love my Delicake Traditional Round Master (where have you been my entire life?). Who would have thought that something so minimalistic could help you make cakes that are perfect first time and every time.

The Delicake is quite compact and easily fits into my average sized fridge with no issues. It has replaced a number of items in my kitchen and is the perfect all in one set-store-serve non-bake cake maker. I received a plastic Spatula and Knife as part of my Delicake set, they work very well and won’t scratch/damage the Delicake base when cutting and serving your cake.

The biggest positive for me is that I can use the Delicake to make, store/transport (the lid is amazing) and serve my cake in one go, this alone saves me a heap of time whilst preparing, making and cleaning up (I'm inherently lazy which doesn't help...).

I've always had issues with my cheesecakes having uneven layers and little air pockets throughout the final product but the Delicake’s transparent sleeve has made this a problem no more! It’s helped me make cheesecakes that are consistently better presentation and overall quality wise and look as good as the ones at the local cake shop.

I made the Chocolate Cheesecake recipe featured on the Delicake website for a work colleague's birthday a week ago and received lots of compliments about how amazing it looked and tasted. I even had a few people ask me where I had purchased the cake from but were very surprised when I told them that it was homemade!

One thing that really impressed me is how well made the Delicake set is. The plastic material it's made from is very durable and looks like it'll easily handle a fair bit of abuse in the kitchen. It's refreshing to see an Aussie company producing a quality product in a time when a lot of other companies are selling products that are poor quality or pale imitations of what they use to be.

My only regret is that that I only have 5 stars to give in this review, I would give it much more if I could!

Jennifer, Glen Iris VIC


The delicake cake ware does everything that it says it does. It is easy to use and store in the fridge, it makes layering of certain desserts so much easier so it looks more beautiful. My favourite thing about it was the lid which makes it easy to transport and store in the fridge instead of having to use copious amounts of cling wrap, and I have to say that it did look nice coming out of the fridge and seeing the beautiful layers. If you make a lot of no bake recipes this is a great addition to the kitchen, but if it's just a once off it probably isn't really necessary.