5 x CTEK battery charger packs

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About The Product

Winter is upon us and the colder weather means that our car and lawn mower batteries are more likely to discharge quicker, resulting in a flat battery. What could be worse than being stuck out on the roads on a cold winter night or being disappointed by a lawn mower that won’t start!

The CTEK Comfort Indicator is an accessory that lets you know the health of your battery. It has a ‘traffic light’ indicator that flashes green, amber or red to tell you if your battery is in good condition, needs a charge or is about to go flat respectively. The Comfort Indicator is easy to use – simply connect the Comfort Indicator to your battery and you’ll never have to guess the condition of your car or lawn mower battery ever again.

If your battery needs a charge, CTEK is the perfect solution that can help get you back on the go. The CTEK MXS 5.0 is a small, compact and easy to use battery charger with a quick charging time, making it a handy accessory for the home. It is also spark-free, making it suitable for use by everyone.

CTEK products ensure you are never caught out with flat batteries again! www.ctek.com

Product Reviews

linda1963, Osborne Park WA


Loving it!!!
Like the way you can leave it plugged in while you go away.
connectors are fabulous-love that you can leave them on the battery.
compared to the very inferior product i had before this-there is absoulutely no comparison
well worth the money-a durable female friendly unit-i now would not be without mine:-)

Lisa, Frankston VIC


There are enough bells and whistles to make this a great boys toy, however it is still logical enough for a woman to use too. Easy to operate, light and compact to store. A great comfort knowing I will never have a flat battery again.

Belinda64, Belgrave Heights VIC


My husband loves this product. His ride on lawn mower goes flat every winter and this charger had the battery charged in no time ready for him to use again. We even took it around to some friends house to charge there motor bike batteries and they loved it to