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About The Product

Dreading those sleepless summer nights?

Introducing the Cool Gelmat, a special cooling mat that will provide users who struggle with heat issues with comfort and relief especially during the warmer months when many people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

The unique heat absorbing gel eliminates excess body heat allowing you to experience cooling relief for up to two hours, thus encouraging a comfortable night’s sleep and the opportunity to cool the body and fall asleep more easily.

The Cool Gelmat requires no electricity to stay cool or to recover its cooling ability, so you can enjoy instant relief again and again without ongoing power costs.

The Cool Gelmat is ideal for menopausal or pregnant women; people who sleep hot; people affected by sunburn, heatstroke, migraines, headaches, or fever due to illness; oncology and multiple sclerosis patients; or simply for providing relief during hot weather when trying to fall asleep.

The Cool Gelmat is available at leading bedding and mattress retailers and pharmacies, and comes in several sizes to accommodate different mattresses and a range of uses.

Lifestyle You subscribers now have the chance to trial one of five 90x90cm Cool Gelmats valued at $249, for themselves!

See www.coolgelmat.com.au for more information.

Product Reviews

VonB1tch, Manor Lakes VIC


I have found the Cool Gelmat to be a really great product. The technology in it amazes me, it is actually really cold to lay on to start with. I have been overheating a lot overnight lately but the Gelmat helps to reduce this and makes it easier to sleep. My partner gets very bad night sweats and the Gelmat has also helped a lot for him. The only negative is that if the weather is in the 40 degree temp it doesn't help. But overall a fantastic product, i was very happy to try it and it gets regular use overnight, thank you.

kimg, Hallett Cove SA


I have always found it hard to sleep when its hot and I was excited to try out the Cool Gelmat. I was sceptical at first but from the first night I tried it I found that it provided me with a cooling surface and this stopped me from tossing and turning. I was able to get off to sleep much more quickly. If I was buying my own Gelmat I would probably buy a larger size so that it covers more area. A real bonus is that it requires no power and can be used over and over again. All of my family have tried it out and I have had positive reactions from all of them, even the cat likes to sleep on it during the day. On the whole I think it is a fantastic product and would highly recommend it.

Kay50, Cranbourne VIC


I am going through menopause and this Gelmat helped me get to sleep and stay asleep, my night sweats are markedly reduced, and when they do occur they are much easier to tollerate. The mat stays cool all night. If it warms up in a certain spot you just move to another spot and its cool all over again.
I'm looking forward to a hot summer, because those hot nights won't bother me any more.