5 x Chirpy Snuggle Pod Sets

About The Product

Want your baby snuggled, happy, and engaged with the world around her? Who doesn't! Try out the Chirpy Snuggle Pod. Created by leading Australian baby product manufacturer, Chibebe, this stylish, secure, and popular baby seating solution features an inner beanbag design that allows parents to position bubs quickly and easily, ensuring their safety and comfort. What's more, the "easy position" design of Chibebe Snuggle Pods can help prevent issues such as flathead and alleviate symptoms associated with reflux.

The bright design on the high-quality fabric exterior features charming and "chirpy" birds and is appropriate for boys and girls alike. And as with all Chibebe products, this item has been extensively tested to help ensure an infant or child's safety. Plus, this Snuggle Pod comes with a Pod Rocker adapter for transforming it into a "rocking chair" style pod and a Pod Warmer for keeping baby warm, giving parents even more ways to guarantee their babies are entertained and feeling comfy!


Product Reviews

Lisa1842, Little Bay NSW


My newborn son is 3weeks old & he loves the Snuggle Pod Rocker. Some days it's the only way I can settle him. I love how it changes with the child's age therefore allowing you to get full usage out of it. I know it will come in handy when my son is older giving him somewhere to relax whilst watching his favourite tv shows. I also like the fact that it is so light so moving it around the house is easy. We have even taken it on a weekend trip away we just went on. Everyone that has visited us has commented on how cool it looks. Thank you for giving us the ability to try this product.

Michelle1869, Shortland NSW


I found the Snuggle Pod to be an excellent product to use with my little man. He was comfortable lying in this weather I had the rocker on it or not. The harness system is easy to attach and ensures while rocking, your baby is safe from falling. I also like that coming into the winter months my little one will keep warm in this also. It is easy to clean with great protective material and a must for all parents. A great value product as it grows with your little one and can be used as a normal seat without the harness as they grow older

KatherinesTurn, Eltham North VIC


The Chibebe Snuggle Pod looks great and is cleverly designed so that we will be able to transition from baby use through to toddler use simply by unzipping and changing over the included beanbag covers. The harnessed baby option kept my largish 6 month old baby securely in place and he enjoyed being in it particularly as he could be resting comfortably in the Snuggle Pod while still being involved in the goings on around him. As the Snuggle Pod is so easy to move from room to room was handy to be able to set him up in different rooms around the house so he could be nearby while doing housework etc. I did find a fair bit of trial and error was initially involved to get the perfect amount of beans in the bean bag to suit my baby but was worth the effort when I saw how comfy and snug he looked.