5 x Childcare Assisted Auto Close Gates

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About The Product

Childcare has a comprehensive range of nursery goods designed to make your life easier!

The superior quality and breadth of range within Childcare products makes it simple to find the right product to suit your lifestyle. The Childcare brand was established in the 1980's. It is 100% Australian owned and is renowned for its safety and quality. Childcare products cover almost every need for parents setting up a new nursery.

Product Reviews

Wendy506, Broadwater WA


Childcare auto assisted gate was easy to install with the instructions clear and concise. The gate fits into the space perfectly and has held up to a one year old trying to open it. I love the one hand easy open and self close features. Perfect for new parents trying to keep their child safe.

Sussan4, Prestons NSW


Great product, solid frame and keeps the little one out of harm