5 x Chief Bars - Meat Based Protein Bar Sets

About The Product

Chief Bars are Australia's first meat based protein bar. They’re a delicious, savoury snack with no preservatives, no gluten, no dairy, no added nitrates and very low sugar. Just natural, whole food with 100% grass fed meat (cured using ancient preservation methods), nuts and a little dried fruit – minimally processed and containing all essential amino acids. It’s the perfect healthy snack, and great for Paleo eaters.

Chief Bar is founded by health and fitness experts, Libby Babet (LifeStyle YOU’s own fitness expert and founder of Bottoms Up! Fitness and AGOGA) and Veronika Larisova (Exercise Physiologist and ultra marathon trail runner).


Product Reviews

Angela281, Hatton Vale QLD


Being used to the ordinary 'sweet' bars, these were a bit of a novelty to say the least. Yummy surprise! I got lost in the richness of their flavour, I really enjoyed these!

Kelly, Randwick NSW


I am a consumer of protein type bars on a regular basis so I was interested to see how a savoury version compared. The beef have a strong flavour, similar to the flavour of beef stock, while the lamb is much more subtle. As far as the texture is concerned, i found them similar to a flat rissole although I was expecting a jerky texture. These bars are not to everyone's liking, as they are an acquired taste, however I believe they will do well among protein bar consumers looking for something different.

Melissa2268, Salisbury SA


First i would like to thank you for selecting me to try out the new bars.
My daughter and myself go to gym a lot so we handed out your bars to get feedback unfortunately the feedback was average. Yes its top grade meat but the texture threw a lot people off also the after taste of mince meat in there mouth. The flavors were there but not strong enough. The feedback we got was if it had more flavour and dried out a lot more then it would be a great protein bar.

Natalie653, Bayswater WA


I really wanted to like these bars as I like the concept of a savoury protein bar. Sadly, I didn't. I found the texture unusual and not to my liking. Not sure why currants and cranberries were added? I would have preferred a chewier texture, like jerky and perhaps a bit more heat with chilli. It was also quite a lot to stomach in one sitting. Perhaps a smaller 'ball shape' would have been better or thinner strips. Two stars for the unique concept and nice packaging :)

Stephanie472, Success WA


The chief bars were packed with meaty flavour and would be great before or after a workout or as a meal substitute. I really liked the fact there was no preservatives , all natural and for paleo eaters. The only thing is I felt the bars were a bit too salty and the texture felt a bit wrong. Perhaps if the bars were a bit more chewy or crunchy it wouldn't feel so odd eating a cold a meat bar. The nuts could have been a bit more prominent and perhaps having chunks in there to change the texture.