5 x Charlie's Cookies Packs

About The Product

Move over Macaron, the old Aussie favourites are back – The Charlie’s Mini Melting Moment!

These melt in your mouth  morsels, come in seven retro and contemporary flavours; Traditional Lemon, Raspberry White Choc, Passionfruit Raspberry, Choc Salted Caramel, Orange Espresso, Choc ‘Noir’ Mint, and Blackcurrant ‘Cassis’.

At Charlie’s we believe that the joy in life comes from the MINI moments that happen, while you’re busy planning for the BIG ones. Made locally in Melbourne these ‘from scratch’ recipes are made with real ingredients. Charlie’s Mini Melting Moments are an exciting entry into the gourmet treats market.

Charlie’s Mini Melting Moments (125g pack RRP $12.00) are available online at www.charliescookies.com.au or Nationwide through a network of independent gourmet grocers such as Thomas Dux, Harris Farms Markets, Scicluna’s, Leo’s Fine Food & Wine. And a network of gourmet distributors  such as; Food Nation (SA), Foodies (NSW, Total Gourmet (QLD), Ready Chef Go (WA), Ritchies 70 stores along the East Coast.

Prize Pack Info:

7 x 125g boxes  value at $12 each

4 x 40g boxes valued at $5 each


Product Reviews

Nicolette2, Mawson ACT


Charlie's Mini Melting Moments are the perfect size to pop whole into your mouth. They are so sweet and full of flavour, that your sweet cravings are satisfied after just one or two. My favourite would have to be the Traditional Lemon. It reminds me of having afternoon tea with my Grandma with its Lemon Curd overtones. Packaged beautifully it would make a stylish 'Thank You' gift for any occasion. Thank you for introducing me to them!

Fiona709, Mornington VIC


Was overwhelmed with the amount of boxes i received, have tried 4 boxes and they are delicious. Love the way the package is long enough so you can seal it again and the rest of the packaging is really neat and attractive. I especially like the Rasp/Passionfruit with passionfruit seeds in it, the after taste lingered. The kids said the Blackcurrant tasted like medicine, so i guess, a no for next buy. Would not hesitate to buy again.



Wow! What a wonderful variety of biscuits that certainly do melt in your mouth. In fact, for those who sampled the product, each of the flavours rated a mention as a personal favourite! A very nice additiob to a dessert banquet wnd the colourful presentation and great taste ensured they were a big hit with guests!

Katherine2, Cameron Park NSW


These are amazing!! I loved the unique and gourmet flavours. They came in handy when unexpected guest dropped by as they are a bit special and have a very long expiry date. I even took them on a road trip, with plenty of thanks from my car buddies. I haven't seen these before and will even go to the extra effort to find a local suppliers as I dont think I will be able to live without the chocolate and salted caramel on a semi regular basis. Warning dont try to diet when these are in the house!!

Nicola49, Oxley QLD


Wow! These melting moments were delicious. Firstly the packaging is very modern so they are eye catching to take along to a work morning tea or that dinner party where you are told not to bring anything! All the biscuits are bite sized and my favourite would have to be the choc mint however the other flavour combinations also work very well. My only possible improvement would be more filling as sometimes the filling can be lost among the lovely delicate cookie.