5 x Bosch KEO Garden Saws

About The Product

The Bosch KEO allows for effortless and powerful pruning in the garden, making light work of branch clearing, tree, shrub, bush and root pruning and the shaping of woody hedges, enabling the user to effortlessly cut branches up to 60 mm in thickness with the simple push of a trigger.

Designed for increased manoeuvrability and user comfort, the Bosch KEO comes with a soft grip and ergonomic handle shape for increased balance and usability, while the slim grip area makes your task a whole lot easier.

The detachable “Grip Lock” on the Bosch KEO holds the unsupported branch while you are working your pruning magic so you don’t have to use both hands while working.

Additionally, the KEO is also fitted with a laser cut Swiss steel blade, ensuring a clean cut in green wood so that your tree continues growing more beautifully than ever. The sharp blade also makes it easier to prune dry wood as it cuts through the wood faster.

The Bosch KEO is also equipped with safety features, including a hand guard to ensure that your fingers and hands are kept safe from harm’s way and a quick stop feature to provide an added safety boost.


Product Reviews

Thrower, Carine WA


Really loved the Bosch garden saw it was so easy to use and was extremely lightweight, the blades cut with ease from small branches to thicker bits of roots. I think this is the perfect product for time poor people with small gardens, so quick for easy maintainence. Definitely a great product for women and older generations as it's extremely easy to use and light to hold up. The only negative feedback I would have is that it needs more grip on the handle as when cutting something small you need to hold onto the branch the machine can get awkward to hold. Would highly recommend the product as it makes garden cutting a breeze.

Sassy, Prahran VIC


I love using the Bosch Keo garden saw. It's so easy to use for anyone and is very safe so you can't cut your fingers off which is important! It's really good for pruning small branches and then cutting them up for green waste disposal.

It's so much quicker than pruning by hand so I can get through the gardening so much faster and with more enjoyment. Being cordless means I can easily use it anywhere in the garden which is another great advantage.

Best of all my lazy 24 year old brother who normally doesn't like gardening just loves this saw and it's hard to stop him cutting everything down but at least he helps in the garden now!

Zoe6, Yokine WA


Great product, so lightweight and easy to use, makes the trimming effortless indeed!

Anita264, Petrie QLD


Being a power tool novice, I was not prepared for the power this little garden saw has. I find manual hand saws are tough on the wrist, elbow and shoulder of the sawing arm and tough on the wrist holding the branch and constantly get stuck in the branch halfway through the cut. Needless to say, I have tried to avoid pruning as much as possible.

For my first try-out with the cordless Bosch Keo Garden Saw I chose the dracaena that has grown into a monster that's trying to engulf our roof as my first victim. I hooked the grip lock over a vertical branch, pressed and held the on/off button and pulled back hard on the trigger. Wow, it sliced through it like a hot knife through butter. So much so that it gave me a bit of a fright. (I did say I'm a power tool novice). I remembered that I could pull on the trigger only part of the way, and that would regulate the speed of the blade. I somehow got the remainder of the branch caught in the grip lock but it was easily freed and with practice I'm sure this would not occur too often.

When my brother-in-law had a go, he cut through cleanly and with ease. Watching him, I learnt that you don't have to hold the on/off button down constantly, just press in and pull the trigger then, as long as you don't let the trigger go, you can take your thumb off the on/off button. Good for people with smaller hands. I've been running around the yard for the last few days, cutting down branches here and there, some soft wood some harder and they have all been cut through with great ease.

Battery apparently does not run down when not in use (one of the most annoying aspect of battery operated items is when you go to use them after a long period of time and the previously full battery is now completely run down by just sitting there).
Not too heavy.
Easy to use.
comfortable to hold with one hand.
Blades for cutting various materials are available to purchase to fit this tool.
The removable grip lock for holding the branch is a great addition.

The user manual could do with some wording to go along with the diagrams but I figured it out.
The manual refers to an on/off switch, and refers to locking the switch in the off position. I found this confusing as there is no labelling on the machine to show an on/off switch and certainly no lock position labelling so I can only assume that letting go of the trigger and on/off switch locks the tool. This is where a diagram showing how to lock the machine would have been good.
Also, after only a few days of using the tool, the wording on the blade (identifying what the blade should be used for) has started to rub off. This could get confusing if you purchase the various blades available for cutting various materials.

All in all, a wonderful and very handy power tool. I give it 5 stars, not 4 as may be indicated.