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About The Product

By utilising a Unique Training Method, Bikini Body Part One has been created to target all of those 'Problem Areas' like Arms, Tummy, Hips & Thighs!

This entry level program is ideal for beginner exercisers, getting your body back to normal 'Post Pregnancy' or if you've had an extensive break from being active, with the focus being on wearing your swim suit again!

Bikini Body Part One targets each body part up to Three Times per Week & provides plenty of variety from workout to workout.

This program can also be downloaded at www.paulstemptraining.com

Reclaim your body now!

Product Reviews

Natalie689, Craigieburn VIC


Overall I thought this was a great way too work out and loose weight... and it was. Paul Stemp is great.
He was quick to reply to any emails or questions I had asked him. His responses were through and clear. I likes the idea of having a Food Diary Table and the exercise table. Which basically you documenting what workouts you did, reps, times and how many times a week. And the same with food... Although with the food documentation I found it a little difficult to keep up with at times as it was an excel document... and I'm not always on my computer - when I mentioned this to Paul he did say you can buy & download a phone app, which would be perfect as you can simply enter in what you have just eaten or drank!.
The exercise demonstrations (training clips) were FANTASTIC!! so clear and easy to understand! It was like have a personal trainer at home! Which I guess is the idea of it all!
I highly recommend anyone who wants results with that guidance and right direction we all need sometimes when it comes to working out or eating healthy! Its having a personal trainer in the palm of your hands! How convenient!!