5 x Belle Fever Necklaces

About The Product

Belle Fever creates heartfelt memories that last. Each handcrafted piece is made with love for love, it is not about diamonds or precious materials and stones that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, it is about loved ones, life events, a heartfelt meaning and memories of love and celebration; expressed through handcrafted, wearable art that carries a deep meaning to those that wear it. A customer put it perfectly when she said: "Belle Fever, a unique and beautiful way to wear what's in your heart"


Product Reviews

vlt06comp, Kanmantoo SA


A gorgeous memory that can be worn with pride. Gorgeous the picture doesn't do it justice. An abosolute pleasure to be part of.

kel1976, Eschol Park NSW


This has been a really great item to review, from the initial contact from Belle Fever and through the whole process of the transaction, they kept me fully informed of what was going on and updates of postage and tracking via email. The sale process is definitely very easy ans I would recommend Belle Fever to all my friends.
The pendant itself is absolutely gorgeous. Not too big and not too small the pendant is the perfect size and the styling is exquisite. I love wearing it and it goes well with everything whether casual or formal wear, and I always get people asking me where I got it, and saying how beautiful it is. I am very happy with this piece of jewellery and will definitely be looking to purchase more items from Belle Fever in the future.

Joyce183039, Forestville NSW


The necklace came in a nice soft bag with appropriate cleaning cloth. I thought the pendant has a nice feminine design and I like how it opens to allow for an interchanging of inserts to suit different moods.
I'd prefer the chain to be a bit more delicate though but overall the piece looks nice.