5 x Bearded Chap Beard Starter Kits

About The Product

The Bearded Chap's Australian Made Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Moustache wax are made in absurdly small batches, from the finest ingredients in the world to help maintain everything from light to heavy stubble to a full beard, making beards feel, look and smell like a real man should.

The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil was Australia's first beard specific product on the market. It possesses a masculine scent and light character, as it gently moisturises your face and beard. Each bottle is handcrafted & bottled in Australia by a bearded man, and with the perfect blend of premium oils that moisturise the face, nourish the beard, and tempt the ladies, it is a must have for any well groomed bearded man.

The Bearded Chap  Old Time Moustache Wax and The Bearded Chap Original Beard Balm are also made high quality and ground breaking beard grooming ingredients. All products that bear The Bearded Chap brand are made from the finest ingredients, and the care and research of experts from the skin and hair industries to make sure that our products do what they say they do.

Product Reviews

Rod4, Yallourn Heights VIC


The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil fantastic will keep using makes the beard and face feel softer fresher and looking neat the smell is nice and not to strong but stays with you which is good I found that it stopped a lot of the dry skin that tends to build up by not using any moisturiser great product .I also found the beard balm handy and it let you shape and style your beard to look like you care about your appearance it held shape felt better and was not messy to use I did not have a large use for the Moustache wax but can see that if your into Moustache twirling and shaping it would be just ideal and im sure it would hold and look good . I would highly recommend at least trying the oil nothing else out on the market that I have tried comes close a great investment in personal grooming if you have a beard and want it to look healthy neat and smell good.