5 x Baby Shushers – The Sleep Miracle

About The Product

Baby Shusher uses a doctor-approved technique to break baby’s crying and engage their natural calming reflex.

Babies will cry anywhere - Baby Shusher is compact and easy to keep clean, so you can use it anywhere. The rhythmic shush reminds baby of being in utero, where they were inundated with loud sounds. What may sound harsh at first is actually very calming.

There are two Timer Options (15 & 30 minutes) and volume control so you can choose how loud to play the shush. It’s important that the volume of the shush is louder than baby’s cry.

Product Reviews

Samantha1357, Bayswater VIC


Love it! This product saves me from standing there saying 'ssshhh' myself. The timer is super handy, it's so easy to use and love its small size. My baby gets very fussy before falling asleep and this helps soothe her so she can fall asleep calmly. Wish I had got my hands on this product earlier!

Kristina170, Woodrising NSW


This is like an extra pair of hands really. It's not something you would use all the time but is really great when you just really need to be say in another room with another child or when you are on an important phone call etc. It does work and I much prefer this to putting a phone near my child. In short great when you just can't be in two places at once. Thank you