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About The Product

Heres your chance to make your little one feel more at home with positions such as the hammocking position, which replicas the womb, and help's your baby to relax and fall asleep comfortably. This is one of the 5 different positions you can use with your Baba Sling. The Baba Sling will grow with your baby as it has a unique double adjustable strapping system and the many different positions which help with your own comfort and your child's growth and can cater for your baby's changing moods and needs throughout the day. The fully adjustable straps also mean that both Mum and Dad can carry without haven't to buy another sling. You can have peace of mind, knowing that the Baba Sling holds your baby in such a way that no stress is put on baby's developing hips & spine. No need to buy another carrier, as Baba Slings allow you to Carry up to 2 years +. Baba Slings provides for discreet hands free Breast feeding on the go. Live the life you want and still be the best Parent that you know you are. Great for Jet setters & public transport. Baba Slings are easy wearing with a specially imported Buckle and comfortable padding, + a safety strap & buckle.

Available at www.babaslings.com or ring toll free # 1300 66 999 2

Product Reviews

Lorow, Prairiewood NSW


The Baba Sling is FANTASTIC! Having a 2 year old that cannot stand sand on her feet it was almost impossible to go for an enjoyable walk along the beach without having to carry her the whole way. We used the Baba sling in the piggy back position. Not only did we not hear a whinge out of her but I was actually suprised at how comfortable the Baba Sling was. I really thought that she would be too old/big to ever fit into anything like this but I was proved very wrong. It's an item that I definatly should have bought a long time ago as I would have loved to carry her in it as a new born and it would have made breastfeeding on the go a lot easier than it was!

The ease of purchase was another bonus. Never have I purchased something online from another state and had it delivered to my door in less than 48 hours. The hardest part was choosing which design/colour to choose from as there are just so many.

One of the very few essential items that every new mum should have and the perfect baby shower gift as it comes in a beautiful zip locked carry case. Highly recommended from a mum of two!

elvis76, Ellenbrook WA


Baba Sling is a great product. It's easy to use and it's comfortable, for both the baby and parents. We actually allready had a sling for our first child, but this one is of a better quality and it looks nicer as well. It's great for walks and shopping trips. Our daughter just loves it, she is calmer and happier than ever!