5 x Aussie Pooch Grooming Sets

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About The Product

Pamper your pooch at home

Celebrating 21 years in business this year, Aussie Pooch Mobile was the first mobile dog wash in the world.

Not only do they make washing your dog easy by coming to you, they guarantee your dog will be left clean, flea free and smelling great. But what do in between washes when your dog’s kennel is a little on the nose or your house or car smells less than fresh?

You pamper your pooch at home! Aussie Pooch Mobile has a terrific range of exclusive at-home products that will keep your pooch smelling wonderful, while giving him some extra pampering.

Products include Aussie Pooch Mobile Pet Odour Eliminator, Pet Breath Odour Eliminator, Pet Stain Remover, Lavender Aromacare, Herbal Deodorant and a paw print smellie for your car.

And arguably every dog’s favourite – Aussie Pooch Cookies; a healthy, all natural treat you will feel good about giving him.

All Aussie Pooch products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

To find an Aussie Pooch Mobile Operator in your area, or for more information about services and other Aussie Pooch products got to www.aussiepoochmobile.com.au

Product Reviews

Vicki401, Loganholme QLD


Before I received this trial, I must say I had never knew that Aussie Pooch had products that you could purchase to use in the home. I assumed that they were only a mobile dog grooming service. (our dog goes to the groomers alreadey)

I was delighted to receive these great products. I loved that the biscuits were all natural and I am not at all surprised that my dog loved them. She thinks they are absoloutely delicious & keeps coming up to me to pat my foot (her sign for another treat). But I must restrict her to one or two a day. As for the breath freshner, I thought it would be difficult to get the dog to comply, but she is happy to lick it off the back of my hand. It actually does help.

The Pet Stain Remover I have to wait to use, as we haven't had any accidents lately, but the Pet Order Eliminator is great on the couch, and the Lavender Aromacare is nice after her doggie bath.

To also have the paw print smellie in my sons car was a bonus, as it helps with his gym gear. I also gave him the key ring.

Definately a pampering experience for the family, with a better smelling home and a happy dog, what more can I ask. (I wonder if these products would work on my son, after gym).

Truly I will recommending these products to family and friends. I also look forward to seeing them in the supermarket, pet store. Thank you for letting me participate in this trial.