5 x Aromatique Essentials Perfumes

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About The Product

Each personalised Aromatique Perfume has been luxuriously tailored to suit your personality, taking into account your favourite essential oils, whether you like floral, woody, spicy or fresh citrus tones. We also consider your astrological Sun, Moon and Rising sign which reveals a little more about you.

Your signature perfume is created to enhance your moods and up lift your emotions creating a positive effect bringing out the sensuality in you.

The highest quality pure essential oils have been selected from the most natural resources available, free from potentially harmful ingredients and organic when available.

At Aromatique Essentials, we believe that your beauty, health and well-being deserve the finest handcrafted aromatherapy blends and products.

You will find a range of luxurious beauty and therapeutic products that use the most natural resources and certified organic ingredients available. Because each product is hand-made for you, it can be personalised so it’s completely unique to your needs.

Whether you use them for your beauty for their therapeutic qualities, essential oils can help improve your health and well-being. Every product can be personalised to your specific needs for health or beauty needs; creating a customised aromatherapy experience that’s just for you.