5 x Active Creatures Fitness Clothing Packs

About The Product

Active Creatures is an Australian yoga and pole fitness clothing brand that celebrates strong, confident, healthy women.

Using quality fabrics, distinctive prints and styles designed for maximum comfort, Active Creatures offers a unique and contemporary edge across its range of leggings, shorts, bra tops, tanks and tracks.

With free shipping and free returns within Australia, we encourage you to join our community and see why women, both here in Australia and across the globe are enjoying Active Creatures as an alternative to mainstream brands. 

To find out more, visit us at activecreatures.com

Product Reviews

Judy355, Bright VIC


thank you, i found it very comfortable to wear. it will be great for doing fitness classess in.

Lisa2488, Junee NSW


i loved the feel of the material, did not itch or move,
the material seemed to hide any sweat marks
clothing is flexible with body movement

Isabella124, Nunawading VIC


Hi Active Creatures,

I had a create time reviewing this product and got lots of compliments and dancing. Hopefully some new customers for you as well.

Quality – I loved the quality, thick enough so they aren’t see through yet not to thick that you sweat your ass off. The stitching was straight and in line (always good) and the fabric moulded to my body perfectly
Fit – The fit is great, I love the high waist band. When I’m rolling around the floor at dancing my tummy/bottom doesn’t fall out. The length of the legs was good, would be good to have a shorter length option as well (maybe knee length?). These came to mid-calf height
Comfort – I could wear these all the time, my only comment would be that the tag is a bit annoying so I’ve unpicked that as it scratched when I was exercising. Other than that the leggings are really comfy.
Anything else you deem relevant – I think it would be good if the stitching on the waist band was slightly higher. Other than that I would purchase these leggings again when I needed some more. I loved the pattern of the material, very fashionable and great bright colours for winter.

Crop Top
Quality – Was good, the zip base rubbed slightly when in use so it might be good to cover up with a big of fabric.
Fit – I have a large chest so this didn’t really cover nor support me. When I wore it the top came up quite low which made it difficult because I kept having to pull it up.
Comfort – It was comfortable apart from the bottom of the zip rubbing against my skin. If I was smaller chested I would wear this.
Anything else you deem relevant – It’s very difficult to find nice looking and fitting crop tops for larger chested people. Would be good if you had an option that was wider in the chest that would fit bigger busted people as this is often very hard/impossible to find something. I would say that it would still need to be worn with a sports bra depending what activity you were doing.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my review.

Cheekiberri32, Cloverdale WA


I have dropped from size 22 gradually reaching size 14 today. Thanks to Active Creatures I have regained confidence in my body image. Never before would I have ventured out in leggings and a bra top. Now. I flaunt the new me with pride!