45 x Eskal FreeNut Butter Sets

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About The Product

A first of its kind in Australia, Eskal FreeNut Butter is a nutritious spread made from specially selected ground roasted sunflower seeds. Peanut free, dairy free and gluten free, Eskal FreeNut Butter can function as a direct peanut butter replacement and is the perfect, healthy alternative for those who suffer with allergies, and for those who just love the taste!

Eskal FreeNut Butter is available in two irresistible varieties - Crunchy and Smooth – both of which are similar in texture to real peanut butter and are sure to tantalise the whole family’s taste buds. Better still, Eskal FreeNut Butter is high in protein, packed with nutrients and is a healthier option than regular peanut butter, containing only 1.3g of saturated fat per 20g serve.

Eskal are the trusted creators of quality, allergen friendly foods, including gluten free, nut free and reduced sugar products. The Eskal range includes over 70 products, many of which you’d find in a typical well-stocked pantry. Each of the Eskal products have been carefully prepared so as not to compromise on taste.

Eskal FreeNut Butter is available in selected Coles, Woolworths and health food stores, RRP $5.69 for a 450g jar.

For more information, please visit www.trialiafoods.com.au/eskal

Product Reviews



I was a little doubtful to begin with of how FreeNut Butter would taste compared to traditional Peanut Butter. My family have loved peanut butter for years, and having 3 fussy young children, I was unsure as to whether they would enjoy it, and notice the difference.

After removing the lid to the Peanut Butter, my first impression was amazement, it smelt EXACTLY like peanut butter!

I also noticed after spreading some Eskal FreeNut Butter on bread for my children, that the consistency of the FreeNut Butter, was runnier, which made it a lot easier to spread than traditional Peanut Butter!

My kids ate it without even noticing the difference. I also tried some and found it very similar tasting and just as nice.

Knowing that this product is a lot healthier for my kids, easier to spread, and just as tasty, I would highly recommend it to other families to try.

This product would be the perfect alternative for families concerned about nut allergies, or for children who LOVE the traditional peanut butter, but are restricted from taking it to kindergarten or school because of concerns about nut allergies with other students.

Thank you for allowing me to review this product.

Heather17, Witheren QLD


I came home today with the groceries and FreeNut butter had arrived in the post. So the whole family trialed it on the fresh bread! Wow! What a hit! Wonderful taste and texture. We really love it. The boys have always liked peanut butter (no allergies in our house) but they agreed that FreeNut is much better. Personally I love sunflower seeds in anything so I really enjoy the crunchy. No going back to peanut butter now.

Elizabeth541, Castle Hill NSW


My whole family loved it! Tastes just like a normal peanut butter, and I don't feel as guilty eating it!

Serenity83, Woodridge QLD


Thanks, the postage was fast and the eskal freenut butter (smooth) is good on bread for my daughter to snack on she loves it.

keira36, Graceville QLD


I can't believe it's not peanut butter. This product is perfect for kids sandwiches, especially with so many schools banning nut products due to allergies. It tastes just like peanut butter, if not better!
I used the crunchy version in a satay sauce and it worked perfectly.
I highly recommend this product.

Antonietta10, Roxburgh Park VIC


We love this product. Being around children with nut allergy's is difficult, but with this sunflower seed spread, which tastes almost like peanut butter, is a good option. So as a peanut butter substitute, it works in our family quite well. Thanks.