44 x Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall™ Technology Razors

About The Product

The new Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall™ Technology razor is designed to move to meet a man’s face, rather than the other way around, resulting in maximum contact over contours.

The innovation in the razor’s unique FlexBall allows the blade to pivot to bring another range of motion to shaving, to glide over men’s facial contours, getting virtually delivering a shaving experience second to none.

The re-engineered blades are thinner and finer edged with an advanced, low-resistance coating for effortless cutting through hair, with less tug and pull, offering Gillette’s best quality shave.

Product Reviews

Adele132, Berwick VIC


My Husband used the Gillette Fusion ProGlide he said it is an amazing product, it was an effortless shave and very soft on his skin. He normally uses an electric shaver but will now change to the Gillette Fusion ProGlide. Overall a great product very easy and a great close shave.

Peter1221, South Plympton SA


Wow what great razor very smooth and close shave 5 star razor

Natalia6, Croydon Park NSW


My husband absolutely loved the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall. He said that this product made shaving effortless, it just glides on face and it's easy to maneuver and follows the contour of the face. It cuts really close to the skin, so there is no need to shave an area twice. It leaves his face so smooth.

Rebecca2526, Theodore ACT


I have been using this product for just under 2 weeks and I think this is the closest shave I have had. I normally use an electric shaver and sometimes I use normal regular shaver but both have not given me the results like the Gillette Fusion Proglide. I have quite a big jaw and its bony, I have cut myself too many times too remember. Cutting my face is a thing of the past and I will be purchasing the Gillette Fusion Proglide from now on. Thank you Lifestyle for introducing me to a product that works brilliantly.

Kristel7, Modbury SA


I gave this to my father to use and he highly recommended it. He felt that most shavers tend to "pull" the hair whilst shaving and this one did not.

He found it a lot easier to use as he has recently had shoulder surgery and finds it a little hard to keep moving normal shavers around the face. This one practically did it for him. It glided with ease and no awkward arm positions were needed to get those difficult places.

He also found this shaver gave him a closer shave then others he has used previously.

He has decided to throw out his cheap shavers and solely use this one instead.

Elisabeth , Farrar NT


Great advancement in shaving. I tried this on 3 day growth and 1 day stubble. Perfect results both times. IT glides over the the curves of the chin and what used to be multiple strokes can now be done in one easy smooth motion. IT reminded me of when i got a new 4-stroke mower and the difference in those cutting results to my old 2-stroke was amazing, well its like that but im glad me new mower doesnt cut that close. I am now going to use this all the time and would recommend it to everyone

Caroline, Rockingham WA


Fast, efficient shave. I loved the way that the razor stayed easily on my skin. This was a great product and I'm hooked!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to try this flexball razor.

Amo, Amaroo ACT


Amazing, I would buy it time and time again

Stephen535, Temora NSW


I have found that the new Fusion Proglide Flexball razor very easy to shave with. It is better then old Fusion razor which I thought was the best. I have shaved for a long time, going back to the Gillette blue blades which always left nick's around my neck. Then every now and then I would go to the barbers shop and get a shave with a cut throat razor. It was the cleanest shave you could have. The new razor leaves you face as if it was done with a cut throat not having to go back over again and again to get that smooth finish. Thanks you for letting me experience this leap forward in shaving technology.

Samia4, Auburn NSW


The new Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall gave my son a great shave he found it easy to use easy to shave side of the neck picked up all the hairs

80s4ever, Ormeau QLD


The ProGlide Flexball is a real advancement in mens shaving. It really does move to the shape of the face and provides a very smooth shave. The ProGlide Flexball makes shaving less of a chore and more of a manscaping experience.

Simone614, Swansea NSW


The Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall is a very good razor. It glides right over my face and is so smooth to use.
I would highly recommend it. I will be using this product again.

Carly277, Hervey Bay QLD


Thanks to Gillette and Lifestyle for providing the opportunity to review this product for free. The following review is my husband's unbiased opinion.

My hubby has just used the razor and here is his feedback. His shaving experience was really positive and he loves the new range of motion that the razor provides. This new feature really sets this razor apart from the others.

The blades were incredibly sharp but he did not get any nicks. Also hubby hasn't actually shaved for a few weeks prior to today but he had no issue with his hairs snaring on the blades. He was happy with the closeness of the shave.

The razor is comfortable to hold for the duration of the shave as it is very lightweight. The moulding and the grip on the handle improves control of the razor and really add to the overall sophisticated look of the razor.

Hubby said that he will continue to use this razor and recommends any male to upgrade to this razor. He gives it a 5 outof 5.

Jensta, Kirrawee NSW


Firstly I would just like to say that my mans facial hair is very much like Homer Simpsons.lol It grows back as soon as he shaves it. Well this wonderful razor, at least gives him until the next day. The thin blades, and flexball technology makes for a much smoother and quicker shave, with no nicks or cuts. He finds that this just glides over his face without much effort, and there are no places where it gets stuck, or makes the shaving experience uncomfortable.
I actually used this after him, on my legs and we now have to purchase a seperate one for me, as he is not willing to share.

Annamaree2, Marcus Beach QLD


My partner found this razor to be wonderful and it did not cause any negative skin reactions. Sometimes his skin can be quite sensitive and react so he tends to stick to the same brand of razor but this one was very gentle.
I think if you are looking for a new razor and want to give this one a try then you might just discover that its perfect for you also.

Amo, Amaroo ACT


Glides like a rocket ship
Great shave

Brad, Ferntree Gully VIC


I trialled the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology razor. I do have fairly sensitive skin and found this to be just what I should be using. It felt great on my skin and offered a sharp, clean shave without having to do any 'touch ups' after. Would I buy it again? Yes, it did the job and did it well.

Jo220, Cheltenham NSW


The smoothest shave ever. No tugging or pulling, just a clean, painless and easy shave. The handle allows great gripping when your hands are wet or have some shaving cream on them. The only thing I'd improve is that it missed a few hairs and I expected with the pivot action that every hair would be shaved first go!

Sadie4, Cheltenham VIC


My hubby used one blade I used the other. Hubby - loves this razor, loves the swivel head. Found it easy to use and now will through away his other Gillette for this one. Me - loved the swivel head, but the handle too heavy for a woman to use on her legs, good for underarms. So please make a female version. It would be perfect for both sexes. I do however love the battery one, so swivel head and battery would be perfection.

Meredith, Coolamon NSW


The head of the razor is too wide and doesn't cut well under the nose / above top lip. Other than that, it is nice to hold, easy to control and gives a smooth shave.

Melinda368, Toowoomba QLD


My husband reviewed this product.

At first he was skeptical about the claims that this razor made. He couldn't imagine that he could achieve shave that was any closer than what he was getting with his current razor.

His first impression was that it was an extremely close shave that made his face feel very soft (I also noticed this) and also that it was a very easy shave.

He didn't feel as though the flexball made any difference however and he thinks that it could have been left off.

The container that comes with the razor to store it as well as spare blades is quite inconvenient in size, it doesn't fit properly in our bathroom cabinet and it cannot be stood up or leaned on anything due to it's shape. Perhaps this could have been designed a little better.

All up though, if you're looking for a close comfortable shave - this is the razor for you!

Ashley279, Hobart TAS


The hubby likes it! Easy to use.

Linda Fisicaro, Concord NSW


The Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball razor was tested by my 20 yr old son. He said it was the closest shave he has ever had. It achieved great results with minimal effort.

John238, Penrirh NSW


9/10 Rating. Flexball pivots very well around my face and is very easy to use.

High quality blades give me a great shave and leaves me feeling confident and very happy.

Jade442, Spring Hill QLD


My partner was extremely sceptical of this manual razor before trying it. Although, once he started using it, his view changed. The razor did move to the contours of his face and gave him a clean shave. The blades were no more effective than other razors, but the flexibility of the razor head made his shave a lot more comfortable.

Erica163, Charnwood ACT


Testing the fusion glide was a bit of a departure from my normal razor. Normally using a dollar shave club executive blade, I found the fusion glide a little lighter and easier to manoeuvre around my face. However I didn’t really notice much effect from flex ball, perhaps because I am left handed. Overall the shave was quite good with little irritation although not quite as close as my normal razor. The blade has lasted several shaves as I would expect and is easy to change. I would consider changing if the blades were comparable price to my normal razor.

K22ely, Landsdale WA


My Husband tried the Razor and did not like it, he shaves really quickly and the ball only worked if he went really slowly.
I tried on my legs and found it nice over knees.

BJones, Beeliar WA


The flexball does assist with the twists and turns of shaving but possibly delivers nearly too much flexibility.

The blades are good and deliver a decent close shave.

Overall fairly high standard of quality

Fiona264, Burnie TAS


I was excited to be picked to be able to review this new Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall razor but sadly I was really disappointed. I tried this razor with both soap and water and shaving cream but found that it didn't run smoothly over my skin. It felt like it was gripping my skin and tugging at it. It did give a close shave but was inconsistent. The description says it has a low-resistance coating for effortless cutting but I found the opposite was true. Sadly not a product I would personally use again.