40 x Spider & Insect Vacs

About The Product

Safely vacuum up live bugs at double arm's length without harm, and set them free back into the great outdoors where they belong. Also completely safe for people with Allergies, Asthmatics and Respiratory problems, as there is no need for the use of Sprays, Chemicals or Bait that are harmful to the environment.

Use it indoors and outdoors, at 59cm long ideal for use inside children's mosquito nets, as well as Greenhouses, Cars, Campervans and Boats. Used by professional entomologists worldwide, it can also be used as an educational tool to safely study Australian insects. It comes with a turbo booster attachment for those hard to reach corners. Use on your plants to remove wasps, ants and other bugs with the added benefit of No Contact, No Mess, No Kill, that's important for the bug and insect world. Supplied with a 9v Duracell battery. Invented in the UK by

Select IP UK, with over half a million sold in North America www.selectipaustralia.com.au

Product Reviews

Deborah471, Kew NSW


Thie product is great was so easy to put together if I can put it together any body can,the instructions were clear and well written, it was well packed in the box no chance of any components getting broken, the product is very easy to use and quite light which suprised me, I used the vac straight away to catch a couple of spiders and some flying insects that were in my bathroom my husband used it to make sure there were no spiders in his boots, we hate fly spray so will definitely use this instead of fly spray where we can, I can see this product would be useful to people with breathing problems , the vac arrived very quickly actually I was suprised I will be using this vac and I think it is a great product I will recommend to my friends to purchase as it is so light and easy to use, on a scale of 1 - 5 I will give this vac a 5

Christine808, Euroa VIC


It was easy to assemble, however the battery casing cap was fiddly to place once the battery was inserted. The instructions were easy to follow. The overall design is great for reaching corners. Spiders and other insects are easily trapped! I would rate it 5/5 for trapping small spiders, flies and other insects. I particularly like the idea as I'm not one for sprays. I received the parcel in a timely manner and it is particularly handy as we don't use sprays because of my sons' respiratory problem! I really like the extension as I can easily reach the ceiling corners where spiders like to be at my house. (It's also fabulous for picking up dust and small hairs from the bathroom floor). I love this product and will recommend it to my friends.

Samia4, Auburn NSW


the spider & Insect was a very easy product to get started with and use it straight away as the instructions were a great help it showed me step by step what to do i didn't need anyone's help or stress about it, i liked the pictures outside the box to show how the product is, the design is great i have never seen one before, it worked real good with spiders and insects i was amazed, my scale is 5 yes i will use this product again,as i cant buy insert sprays at home cause of health issues i will be using this product now and in the future for my family,i think this product is great with people with respiratory problems as their is no chemicals used yes i received my parcel in a timely manner thank you

Michael64, Caroline Springs VIC


We have used it a few times and have found it to be fantastic!
It gets rid of all the unwanted pests from inside the house then makes it easy to dispose of them outside!

Michael172, Hillcrest QLD


What a great product
My wife can now get rid of spiders while I'm at work
Easy to use and easy to store
Love it

Daniel1978, West Moonah TAS


This sis such a simple yet ingenious idea, why didn't anyone think of it sooner?? It is simple and lightweight and effective. My daughter can now remove spiders from her room without fear and transfer them to the garden.

Alice in Wonderland, Greensborough VIC


What a great product, I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but how wrong can a person be.
It is motorised and actually sucks the creepy crawlies in very fast, then you place a lid over the opening and the offending spider- cockroach is trapped. You can then dispose of It in two ways outside or the end!!!. It says that the 9 volt battery is not included but It is. I would highly recommend the Spider & Insect Vac for all the woossies like me. Great product.

whump, Glen Waverley VIC


Review of the Spider Insect Vac
It was very easy to assemble with easy to follow and clear instructions which included diagrams.
The marketing on the box is clear.
The design is functional and easy to use, but a slightly bigger nozzle might be useful.
I'd give this product a 4 out of 5 for catching insects.
From my point of view, it I would use the Spider Insect Vac ahead of sprays as it's safer for kids and pets and people with respiratory problems, but I'd like it if the Vac had some way of killing the insects too.
The package arrived very quicly and was well packed.
Overall it's a great product and well worth considering if you want to safely and humanely rid your nooks and crannies of spiders and bugs.

Linda605, Huntingdale WA


The instructions were very easy to follow and I had no trouble putting it together. I did find the tube a little wobbly though. The packaging is good, describes it perfectly. However "Vac's up" should have been "Vacs up", there's no need for a possessive apostrophe. I've tried it on Daddy Long Legs and Huntsman spiders with great success. I did find it a little difficult to coax the spider out again. It was not a problem for me to remove the whole tube to dispose of the spider but I imagine an arachnophobe would not be so happy to do that! I have used it for a couple of cockroaches when I then flushed down the toilet. I did like the narrow tube for ants. It's a definite problem here in summer and I look forward to using the vac for that. At this time of the year we have no flies, bees or wasps so I was unable to try the vac for them. I imagine in the warmer weather it will also be useful for catching white cabbage butterflies.

I think I will use this in addition to sprays and baits. In WA I don't think it would be enough for asthmatics to use instead of sprays. Baits will kill hidden cockroaches and I think I will still need sprays to kill flies. I'm not sure I could get close enough to smaller flies to catch them. And if I did catch flies I would still need to dispose of them. It seems a little pointless to let them go outside.

My favourite use for this is for spiders. I usually coax them into a jar and pop them over the fence. The vac is a much easier way to do the job!

The parcel arrived quickly and in good condition

Overall I like the product but don't think I will find it useful for flies or mosquitoes. I would rate it a 4.

Elgin47, Stanhope Gardens NSW


Easy to put together and easy to use.
Sucks up the creepy crawlies quickly and without fuss.
I have put this to use in our caravan as it is easily transportable and light weight

A great way to rid your home of insects and spiders without the need to use flyspray, which is very irritating to many noses in my family.