40 x Spider & Insect Vacs

About The Product

Safely vacuum up live bugs at double arm's length without harm, and set them free back into the great outdoors where they belong. Also completely safe for people with Allergies, Asthmatics and Respiratory problems, as there is no need for the use of Sprays, Chemicals or Bait that are harmful to the environment.

Use it indoors and outdoors, at 59cm long ideal for use inside children's mosquito nets, as well as Greenhouses, Cars, Campervans and Boats. Used by professional entomologists worldwide, it can also be used as an educational tool to safely study Australian insects. It comes with a turbo booster attachment for those hard to reach corners. Use on your plants to remove wasps, ants and other bugs with the added benefit of No Contact, No Mess, No Kill, that's important for the bug and insect world. Supplied with a 9v Duracell battery. Invented in the UK by

Select IP UK, with over half a million sold in North America www.selectipaustralia.com.au