40 x McCormick Flavour Shots Packs

About The Product

Looking for something a little different for your mid-week meal? Something full of flavour and easy to prepare with simple ingredients already in the pantry and fridge?  

Introducing NEW McCormick Flavour Shots.  A little pot with a lot of flavour, McCormick Flavour Shots are single-use pots of specially selected herbs, spices and seasonings infused in sunflower oil.

Just add a few fresh veggies and meat, and you have a quick tasty mid-week meal. 

Conveniently located in the recipe base aisle of your local supermarket, choose from a number of delicious varieties that are so simple to prepare - just spoon, sizzle and serve!

•      Chicken Fried Rice

•      Chilli Con Carne

•      Pad Thai

•      Zesty Chicken Curry

•      Spanish Chicken Hotpot


McCormick prize packs include one of each of the following: 

•      McCormick Chicken Fried Rice Flavour Shot

•      McCormick Chilli Con Carne Flavour Shot

•      McCormick Pad Thai Flavour Shot

•      McCormick Zesty Chicken Curry Flavour Shot

•      McCormick Spanish Chicken Hotpot Flavour Shot

Each prize pack is valued at: $12.45

Product Reviews

Laura423, Paralowie SA


I received my parcel of MCcormicks Flavour Shots, i have prepared several meals using them and I just loved them packet is so tiny but it's just perfect to store in the pantry
Packaging is just perfect, and they have just the right amount of herbs and spices. JUST ADD ingredients are clearly written on the packet, instructions are laid out step by step it even has suggestions for meat alternatives
To sum up my experience with Flavour Shots I would have to say BRILLIANT.

Alexandra17, Mernda VIC


The McCormick Flavour Shots helped me to create wonderful dishes for my family (husband and three kids). It's so easy to transform an otherwise normal dish into something special. And every evening I was able to create a different dish including beef or chicken. The recipes on the packaging certainly helped, but McCormick Flavour Shots also assisted in being creative and to try your own dish. I also liked the value of the product, as I believe the McCormick Flavour Shots come at a very good price.

Marnie7, Camberwell VIC


Great and easy to use. Created delicious meals from all the flavour shots. The extra recipes from the website had some great ideas in addition to the recipes on the flavour shot packs. My favourite was the Spanish Chicken Hot Pot. Great flavours. I'll definitely be buying more in the future!

Michelle2437, Eaqglehawk VIC


It is well worth a try. With different varieties they a great addition to any meal. with easy to follow directions it is a winner.

Cheryl191, Cranebrook NSW


Love the convenience of these "Flavour Shots" ! Packed full of flavor they definitely help make cooking up a delicious dinner a breeze ! Wonderfully versatile to use - will definitely be recommending these to my friends.