40 x Finders Key Purse®

Brought to you by Finders Keypers

About The Product

The Original Finders Key Purse®.

A simple solution to a common problem!

The Finders Key Purse is a decorative key clasp that hooks to the side of your handbag so you don’t have to go digging for your keys.

Hang your keys safely inside your handbag while decorating the outside with your favourite design and have your keys handy. (Dozens of Styles to choose from).   RRP: $12.95

Order online at www.finderskeypers.com.au or check our Stockist page for a store near you. 

Product Reviews

Judy10, Tregear NSW


I love it
1.Its beautiful
2.Since using the Finders Key Purse I've never lost my keys in my bag
3.Ive also used it on my jeans lol
Thank You

ALLISON182, St Helens Park NSW


Super handy. Always losing my keys in handbag so now I can find them in an instant.
Would purchase as gifts for friends and family.

Tanchez, Castlemaine VIC


This little gem is excellent. I'm WAS a confessed key loser (WAS being the operative word) but with Finders Key Purse those days are gone. Even the husband uses it to hook over his back pocket if he's carrying the keys making it easy for him to retrieve the keys from inside his back pocket. What I also love about the Finders Key Purse is that at a glance I can see where my keys are in my purse making rummaging through my handbag a thing of the past. I love a gadget and this one is a keeper.

RoseNicole, Mount Cotton QLD


The Finders Key Purse® is perfect for all those women with handbags that are bottomless pits. This product makes finding keys so easy. Instead of digging through messy handbags (like mine) to find your keys, your keys can just hang on the edge of your handbag- a very cool product!

Sussan10, Prestons NSW


took the Finders Key Purse for a try on the weekend and all the girls where asking about it they love it, nicely designed

Andrea257, Koongal QLD


I loved the product, I hooked it onto the side of my handbag and stuck my keys on it. Its a great idea, I didn't have to go finding my keys for about 10 minutes plus the design was very very chic! I loved it and would buy it for my family and friends.

Linda501, Capalaba QLD


Very stylish and handy! Like a piece of jewellery for your handbag, but with a practical side as well. No more fumbling around in my bag to find my keys. Great gift idea at a very good price. Love it!

Robin29, Doonside NSW


i found this product to be very helpful for my wife as she is always loosing her keys in her hand bag as well as every thing ells .

Lauren59, West Preston VIC


It fits very well onto the side of my bag, and makes it quick and easy to find my keys, as I'm able to quickly find them. The design makes it look like an accessory rather than a tool to find my keys, and the colour suits very well. It fits securely onto the bag as well, so i am not hesitant about it falling off into my bag or onto the floor.

persico, Dandenong North VIC


This product does make it very easy to find your keys. It forced me to place my keys on the "Finderskeypers" certainly makes life easier.