40 x Fast & Fruity Packs

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About The Product

To celebrate the launch of Fast & Fruity in Australia, Lifestyle You is giving away 40 Fast & Fruity prize packs featuring the delicious 100% pure fruit pouches.

Brilliant on breakfasts, divine in desserts and superb in smoothies, Fast & Fruity is an exciting new range of great tasting, all-natural, 100% pure chunky fruit pouches. Each pouch is conveniently re-sealable, has no added sugar, no added preservatives, sulphites or sodium and is gluten-free.

The 500g pouch packs come in three flavours: be-licious berry and apple; golden peaches with a hint of vanilla; and sunshine sweet tropical fruits.

Fast & Fruity will be available in Coles stores nationally from May 29, 2013 ($4.59 for a 500g pouch pack). Find them in the canned fruit aisle.

Product Reviews

Colette20, Benobble QLD


Not only are these versatile but so convenient and delicious.
Handy size, with a decent amount of servings too. Flavours are exquisite and have really helped me to enjoy breakfasts in a whole new way. As a gluten intolerant person, breakfasts are always so hard to find a tasty nutritional substitute for traditional breakfast. These little beatuties have enables the whole family to be satisfied. I can have smoothies easily with no hassle now, the kids can have a delicious cereal topper and at the end of the day, these double up as a delicious ice cream topper.

Vey impressed with the flavours, quality, quantity and versatility of these pouches. These will defiantly be on my shopping list from now on. Thank you for giving me breakfasts with ease.

cridsy, North Lakes QLD


I thought these products were absolutely awesome. They were great on my porridge in the morning for breakfast. I loved the texture of the berry flavour, it was my absolute favourite. The only slight glitch was that sometimes the fruit got a bit clogged in the small opening. Suggestion to slightly open the opening in the packaging rather than making the product any smoother. The actual product inside was truly tasty and so versatile on pancakes with natural yoghurt, with fruit salad and so many other uses in our everyday diet. Will definitely be adding this product to our shopping list. Thanks so much for the opportunity to review this product.

Alibear, Kensington WA


I loved these products! They tasted great, especially on ice cream, mixed in with yoghurt or as a smoothie. I must admit to having some straight out of the easy to use pouches. My favourite flavour was the "be-licious berry and apple". YUM! Will definitely be buying this product next time I go shopping. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to taste and review these products.

Trina, Minchinbury NSW


These fruit products are absolutely fantastic, really loved the tropical one the best. The others were great too. Great in smoothies and just terrific on greek yoghurt, not too sweet. I only have one concern/issue and that is the spout was too small, the fruit chunks(which were great)seemed to clogg up the spout a little. This is a small thing with packaging not the actual product. Wouldn't stop me from buying it and I will be doing that.

coastalkaryn, Encounter Bay SA


I love smoothies, and can't stand the watery taste of frozen fruit.

Fast & Fruity pouches are brilliant. They are chunky, natural and you can reseal the packet. They don't taste too sweet and I cannot wait to buy them again.

My son loved the peaches on his weet bix and tropical on his icecream.

I loved the berries in my smoothies - a great brekky idea!

Thanks for the opportunity to try these great products that came in a beautiful bag and with ideas on how to use them

They will definitely be on my shopping list:)

Rebecca, Bunyip VIC


In our family we have three primary school aged children and they loved this product. They put some on breakfast cereal or oats in the morning, they also stirred it through yogurt and ate it on its own. My son loved the tropical one the best, while my two daughter said their favourite was the berry, although they did enjoy all three flavours. As a mum, I lved the fact that it was mess free and easy in the the morning to just add some to our standard breakfast.
We thought these were great and the kids are already asking me to buy more!

Mandy234, Busselton WA


Fast and Fruity was a big hit in our house. The kids liked it because it was yummy. They had it stirred into their porridge, on their pancakes and of course demolished the rest in the form of smoothies. I liked it because it was yummy too but I also liked how easy and mess free it was. The kids could make their own smoothies without me having to chop up the fruit; without them cutting their fingers and without me having to clean up afterwards. Totally mess free. So easy to use and so de-lish. I think the berry one was our favourite flavour.

Kate92067, Andergrove QLD


The packaging is great and easy to seal in between servings. The fruit pouches are delicious, and it is a great way of getting kids to eat fruit. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family. Makes a great smoothy. Gets my 5 star rating.

80s4ever, Ormeau QLD


Wow! The Fast n Fruity packs were a definite winner with my family! The kids enjoyed putting the fruit on our cereal & porridge in the mornings and my husband and i mixed it in with our natural greek yoghurt & smoothies which gave such a delicious flavour. I even used some of the peach pouch in with a peach pudding i made and it worked perfectly, so simple, no mess no fuss! Fast & Fruity has now appeared on my weekly shopping list each week since finished our trial packs!

Jeremy, North Lakes QLD


This was a great product that goes with ice cream, yoghurt or in a smoothie. It is all natural and tastes great. Having a child with autism who is a very fussy eater and hard to please he loved the flavours and textures which was great. It is always a battle to get him to eat fruit but he just loved these and wanted them poured on just about everything! A Golden Peaches with a hint of Vanilla smoothie is his all time favourite afternoon treat! Fast & Fruits ticks all the boxes for us and we will be buying it from now on.

Kathleen, Moncrieff ACT


Amazing flavours, these devine fruit flavours are packed full of delicious goodness. They taste good with everything, I haven't found anything that it hasn't tasted good with. Absolutely delicious to pour over ice cream or even as a healthy fruit smoothie! Just can't get enough and each pouch is easily resealable so you can use over and over again.
You'll be suprised how much flavour these little pouches pack. But a great way to get fruit flavours on all your fabourite foods. A great purchase you won't regret!

Peta1309, Forrestfield WA


having a toddler, it made a quick dessert mixing natural yoghurt with the berry and apple, tasted great. I also used the peach mix when making a cake to give it some zing, which everyone enjoyed.

Fairly easy to squeeze fruit out of its package, although a little hard to do at the end. The shape of the packaging meant it was easy to store in the fridge.

Gill36, Ashby WA


I found this Fast & Fruity product very good, loved the taste and texture of the fruit. Great in smoothies also adds a lovely flavour to friut pies. So many uses for this product and easy to use. You don't have to use in one go, will keep up to five days in the refridgerator. Would buy this product with no hesitation.

Tabitha, Summer Hill NSW


I loved teh versatility of this product! the packet said t use up the contents wth 5 days.. i was lucky if it lasted a day in my family! it is a good size and the flavours ae all natural.

jay2abbey, Carey Park WA


My family are all fans of the Fast & Fruity products. Delicious flavours to suit everyone's tastebuds, there nice & fresh which is great when the fruits aren't in season. Very convenient and easy to use for the kid's who loved them with there cereal in the morning.

krypt, Croydon NSW


These fruit packs are a great source of "emergency fruit" to keep in the cupboard. I loved how easy they are to used, especially for things like smoothies and cooking, as the fruit is already prepared. A very helpful option!

Michelle368, Miranda NSW


I always like fruit on my breakfast at work and finally is a product which I can carry to work without it leaking in my bag .Its great to find a healthy product which I can take everywhere with me.
I found the taste less sickly and sweet than canned fruits and I like that fast and fruity contains no sugar or preservatives so its a guilt free snack.
The variety of taste of flavours are delicious and great for making smoothes, added to yogart or in deserts.
I would recommend this product to people who want fruit which is easy to store, tastes delicious and is not expensive

Toni130072, Madora Bay WA


Product description is a perfect representation of Fast & Fruity and is ideal for smoothies and desserts where no extra sweetness is required eg. pavlova. Also great with pancakes however, for my family the texture did not compliment cereal or porridge.
The pouch is very easy to use, store and with 5 days to finish the pouch there was no wastage.
Equally enjoyed all three flavours and will purchase in the future.

kirstin, BruNSWick West VIC


Wow!! The Fast & Fruity pouches were received with lots of excitement in my household. The children were keen to squeeze their own serve of fruit into a bowl and taste the three different varieties. As the week progressed the children also found different places to add their favour flavour of fruit such as ice-cream, yoghurt and porridge. My 96 year old grandfather and 92 year old grandmother even enjoyed the favours and ease of squeezing the fruit from the pouch (after having lessons from their great grandchildren). Personally I enjoyed the packaging as I could screw on the cap to seal the container. A great hit in this household. Thank you for the opportunity to try this product.

Meredith74, Menangle NSW


Interesting product concept - the tropical fruit flavour is the best!

Sharyn32, Martin WA


What a great idea, so easy to store and easy to use. The only downside was that some of the chunkier bits took a little more effort to get out of the tube and so often you would end up with more than you expected. The tropical fruits would be fabulous for use on pavlovas, the berry for use in muffins and the peaches just fabulous for with ice cream or yoghurt. This product will be added to our regular shop so that we can add some more fruit to our diet. Great for all ages, children through the adults in your family.

Dale, Warrimoo NSW


The concept is great - easy to transport, easy to store and resealable. The berry and apple to be honest, was not a great hit with the family. It was pleasant but lacked the defining berry flavour and seemed a litte watery. The tropical pack had a far more concentrated flavour, particularly pineapple, and was great in the base of a parfait style dessert. Mixed with yoghurt, the peach and vanilla fruit pack is delicious and makes great smoothies. Probably the pick of the 3 flavours, the peach and vanilla would be my choice to buy again. Not being very sweet and the fact that there is no added sugar or other nasties is a bonus. I wouldn't say that any of the flavours were "chunky" but rather lumpy and saucy..... Definitely a product worth experimenting with.

Faysie1, Windermere Park NSW


Hard to open with arthritic hands and no instructions on how to do this. Could have a wider spout as it would not come out easily and if you squeezed, it came out in a rush and was too much and you can`t put it back.

Kathryn179, Bayswater North VIC


The idea is great and taste delicious, however with a recommended fridge life of 5 days the package was too big for my needs as a single person household.
Trying to get a measured amount out of the pouch was difficult because of "blockages" from larger pieces of fruit through the spout, and you had to remember to shake the pouch before use otherwise you might have got more juice than fruit.

Danielle814, Tarneit VIC


The fruit packs are very convenient . My children were able to open and squeeze them onto ice cream or straight into a bowl and enjoy the fruit without the added sugar. These packs were also good for making deserts. Just squeeze some fruit onto puff pastry and bake. Will definitely be buying these in the future