40 x 2014 Family Organiser Calendars

About The Product

Do you have a family that requires a full time personal assistant? When you have appointments, after school play, work meetings and sport training, keeping up to date with everything that is going on gets overwhelming. Smart Calendars 4 u is exactly as the name suggests we provide a simple and easy solution to organising your family. The 2014 family organiser calendar is the perfect tool to help reduce stress.  Allowing for 6 family members to each have their own column to record what they are up to on any given day. Even if you have less than 6 family members, spare columns can be used to keep track of birthdays, bills, pets etc.  Just write the names of your family members or headings of particular events in the name box at the top of each month. You will never forget an appointment again. The beautifully illustrated pages with quotes will encourage all family members to update their column. On top of this the 2015 Year Planner at the back allows for appointments or holidays to be scheduled before the year sneaks up on you.  The calendar shows Australian & New Zealand Public and School holidays and has the Australian moon cycle.

Product Reviews

Rebecca410, Mount Pleasant QLD


Absolutely amazing calendar. Very practical and presented perfectly. Looks stunning, Has definitely come in handy.

Rebekah94, Hurstville NSW


I'm very impressed with the smart calendar, it has lots of space to write the whole families everyday activities and I love the colours and the cute quotes for every month also gret idea having the dates on both sides it makes it so easy to follow so glad I won this it will make life so easy. Thank you

Rachael278, Flagstaff Hill SA


I find this Calendar very helpful. I really appreciate that it has special occasions listed in each month. EG: Australia Day. I often see calendars without this feature and it's quite annoying. It's important to stay organised around public holiday's.
My favourite part of this Calendar is it has the name section for each family member. It's important for my 6 year old boy who is a visual learner and feels he can keep in touch with what is happening each day at a glance. Whether it be for himself or to remind his parents of things important to them on any given day.
It's colour and pictures are beautiful just like most Calendars but I like how it's Child orientated.
I'm finding the Calendar very useful and would consider purchasing this type of Calendar for future years to come.

harmonybree, Langwarrin VIC


Oh my, what a godsend this is, certainly is on my list to get for next year! We all know what we need to do on any given day, sports, meetings, bills to pay, sleepovers, parties, and in a way that's easy to read, keep track of and even though we have only had it a week, it has already made our lives easier, and far more organised! Anything that makes my busy life run smoother is definitely a plus as this is. Full marks for this ideal product!! Loved it.

Nicky26, Belmont QLD


Where has this Calendar been all my life!!!! This is exactly what I need to keep my family of 8 organised. I used it a bit differently in that I used one for birthdays (we have a large extended family to keep track of); I used another columns for menu planning; then the remaining 4 columns was dedicated to 2 family members each (a male and female). I used a blue pen for the male member and a pink pen for the female member.
So one column was shared between myself and my husband, any appointments for him were written in our column using the blue pen and appointments for me in the pink pen. Luckily I have an even number of boys and girls in my family. So each of the remaining columns listed one son's activities and one daughter's activities.
So even for a super big family, this organiser works fantastically to quickly and easily view what everyone has going on for the month....
I will be purchasing this calendar next year.... loved it (& thanks for allowing me to try it!)