4 x Tobris the Travel Trees

About The Product

Travel enthusiasts are always looking for ways to record their adventures and keep those memories alive. Tobris the Travel Tree provides travelers with a unique, creative and affordable way to display all the countries they have visited.

The travel tree begins with the signpost – which is made from steel and aluminum for longevity – and the traveler can add up travel signs denoting the countries they have visited. These signs come complete with the country’s name, as well as an image that is specific to the location. Also available for purchase are title signs to sit atop the signpost. This is the only travel souvenir that grows as you keep traveling.

Tobris has is a nominated finalist for the Designer's category for the GALA awards (gifts and lifestyle awards).

For more info on Tobris visit www.tobris.com/.

Product Reviews

jayla1987, Tamworth NSW


The Tobris Is amazing and is made from great quality steel. Which will make this baby last forever. I love my Tobris I picked some countries that I have been too and a few other countries on my bucket list. They are fun a great idea for travellers to show their memories of what countries and cities they've been too. Not only that I point to the different cities and countries to my daughter and explain what country they are in. So I have used this as a fun learning tool too. They can hold a fair few places too and can be extended. This will look great anywhere in the home we have our centre table for a fun look. But these would look great on a coffee table, excellent conversational piece. Thanks lifestyle and Tobris for the try it rate it of this beauty.

Celeste66, Ulverstone TAS


I've just finished putting together my Tobris Travel Tree and it looks awesome. There were two sizes offered for the trees and I choose the smaller one so that it could sit on my desk. Putting it together was very easy with clear and easy to understand instructions. The pieces are sturdy and well made and look exactly as they are shown on the website. For the travel signs themselves I choose a mixture of Capital cities and countries. I used Capital cities for places that I have visited domestically (here in Australia), but for international travel I choose to simply have the country rather than try and list all of the places that I had visited within each country. I think that this works out nicely and I may eventually buy a second tree and have a domestic one and an international one. It's sitting on my desk beside me now and I am quite happy with it, now I just have to wait for someone to come over so that I can start showing it off.

BunnoGal, Roelands WA


Tobris, the travel tree, is a well designed and solid signpost which highlights your travels using signs you've chosen from the various destinations you've been to.

The website is well set out and the checkout system is very easy to use. There are loads of options for either countries or specific city names to choose from or you can design and order your own if its not available. Customers are also given the option to change the names on the existing signs if desired.

The product arrives well packaged and is of sturdy construction. It is easy to assemble and the signs can be placed on the signpost however the customer chooses.

The travel tree is a unique way to highlight your holidays and is a fantastic talking point.