4 x STACT wine storage panels

About The Product

STACT isn't just a wine rack. It's an interior décor piece that puts your wine collection on display in a beautiful way.

Transform your wine collection into wall art, with an elegant modular wine wall that expands and adapts to fit your unique space. Mix and match the space-saving STACT wine storage panels to create your own unique design, available in a variety of premium wood veneer and lacquer finishes. Crafted from aircraft-grade anodised aluminium, STACT is easily installed on any drywall surface with the included fittings.

Designed by 2012 ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer, STACT wine racks are modular, flexible, sleek, and sexy. It's the perfect way to enhance your space, celebrating your wine collection.

This week you have the chance to win one of four STACT panels finished in our most popular Walnut Wood Veneer to install in your home. The STACT wine panel comfortably stores nine wine bottles, with the clean and elegant anodised aluminium bottle supports holding the bottles as if suspended in mid air.


Product Reviews

Leanne, Port Kennedy WA


Th stylish STACK wine rack gives the feel of a piece of art on the wall. It's thinking outside the box when it comes to wine racks. The STACK display is in clear view and love the fact that you can see your wine at a glance without going into a cabernet or stopping in a wine rack on the floor

Jacqui292, Reedy Creek QLD


Super stylish product ! great packaging that would make a fantastic gift for someone. Great easy to follow installation instructions. The wine rack looks sleek and stylish on our wall, we had great fun deciding which wines to display !! we love this product and recommend it. installation is no problem.

candyice_22, Glenvale QLD


Thank you Lifestyle Food & STACT for giving me the exciting opportunity to trial and review this wonderful item! I have never owned or used a proper wine rack or storage system before so this was a complete eye opener at just how wonderful even just a small collection can look in your home without cluttering up too much space or looking out of place.

The quality of this wine panel is obvious just looking at it, you can see how well made it is and how long lasting it will be. It looks sophisticated and classy with an elegant feel.

Very easy to instal and use, even for somebody as clueless as me when it comes to installing or putting anything together around the home!

I have been highly impressed & would definitely recommend this for any wine lover or even just to store any glass bottle you may have for easy access and unique display.

Tabitha, Summer Hill NSW


I love the look of this on my wall & how well it fits with my home decor. it is 1 less piece of furniture off my floor. And it presents my wines in a decorative way