4 x Pro Art Disney Murals

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About The Product

We don't just create murals. We create an Experience... As a child we would of loved to have filled our bedroom with the magic and wonder that is Disney!

Now you can with our range of Disney wallpaper door murals. Filled with wonder and enchantment your child will love spending time in their bedroom engaging with magical Disney characters. Watch as their eyes light up and their imagination run wild every time they see their bedroom door.

Now you can enjoy murals from the latest Disney movies such as Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Tinker Bell and Tangled as well as classics like Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and all the Disney Princesses in vivid colour, and world class graphics on your doors.

Our Disney range of authentic door murals are a D.I.Y product that has changed the way we decorate the home. Our door murals are printed on environmentally friendly prepasted wallpaper using one of the most environmentally friendly printers available allowing the children to be in their rooms immediately after installation.

All our wallpaper products are easy to install and remove and will completely change any child's room into a wonderful fantasy land that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Product Reviews

Jensta, Kirrawee NSW


What a beautiful and endearing mural, it really brings the picture to life. I am thrilled to have been fortunate enough to enjoy this delightful and wonderous experience. Not only great for the kids but for mum and dad too. I do wish that I had something this joyous on my door as a child, luckily I am still young enough at heart to enjoy it now. Thanks Pro Art and thanks Lifestyle Home.
Oh, and I picked the Nemo themed one, just wonderful.