4 x Original Smashcake® Chocolate Piñatas

About The Product

Smashcake – a fun & quirky alternative to a traditional cake, our chocolate pinatas are filled with lollies & chocolates.

Designed for Destruction, each Smashcake is made to be smashed apart with a hammer or rolling pin to reveal the sweet surprises inside!

Established in 2010 & trademarked, Smashcake is now excited to be able to offer Smashcakes Sydney wide, introducing a courier service.

Originally intended for kid’s parties, Smashcakes are popular for almost every occasion you could think- adults & children!  Think Smashcake for Weddings, Corporate events & for anyone looking to add a Smashing edge to their next event.

Product Reviews

Malinda5, Pyrmont NSW


Wow this is seriously impressive!! We smashed this at work and we all loved it! It looked impressive, it was fun to smash and we enjoyed the generous amount of sweets inside! This would also make a great change for corporate gifts as well as something much more fun than a birthday cake for kids and adults. I definitely rate this product highly and already have ideas on who I can buy one for!

Ruby134, Panania NSW


Such an awesome concept! And such a lovely team behind the product makes it twice as nice. Great quality ingredients and delicious range of sweets. Will definitely be getting more of these for celebrations ahead!

Lisaaaa, Kirrawee NSW


This was so fun and as soon as the kids saw it they were excited. Such a different and fun idea. Tasted great with a variety of lollies.
Transport to me was most impressive and fast. Will recommend this for other parties and occasions. Not just for kids. Yum

Ranee4, Lane Cove NSW


Thanks for the opportunity to review a smashcake!

The courier service was great with tracking ability and the cake was received without any issues. It came well packaged and well presented, although it would have been good to also receive recommended storage suggestions (e.g. what temperature- does it require refrigeration? How long would it last if not consumed immediately?).

First impression of the cake itself was that it was very visually impressive- definitely has the "wow" factor. The hammer is a nice touch however the pieces appeared to be connected in reverse and also the hammer was clearly not actually effective (although maybe it wasn't intended to be used to break the pinata!).

Once broken open, and consumed, my observation is that there is a great variety of lollies inside- something for everyone. My only suggestion is that better quality chocolate could be used- the current chocolate tasted extremely sugary like compound chocolate.

Overall great novelty factor and fun for something different. I can see it being a huge hit with kids but the chocolate needs further refining if it is to be popular with adults.