4 x NextBolt NX3 EZ-mount kits

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About The Product

The 2012 NextBolt is the latest biometric deadbolt lock from the biometric industry’s sales leader Actuator Systems. Never worry about losing or locking your key inside again by using the power of your fingerprint! The included EZ-mount kit allows installation in minutes with just a screw driver when replacing an existing deadbolt system. The NextBolt NX3 is the most advanced biometric deadbolt available today; a stylish, rock solid option for securing your home or office using keyless fingerprint recognition technology for fast entry with maximum security. Easy to add or delete any user individually -no more giving out copies of your key or codes. The deadbolt opens in less than a second, has a 99 fingerprint capacity and includes an impact alarm. Features an ANSI grade deadbolt, including a standard keyway and fits either left or right handed doors. Weatherproof designed for outdoor use in temperatures -35 C to +65 C. Operates for thousands of openings with just 4 standard AA batteries and does not require you re-enroll when you replace them. The entire unit is constructed from beautifully polished hardened steel and comes with a 2 year warranty. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Beginner, only requires a Phillips screw driver. Vist www.advancedactuators.com.au or call 1300 905 299 for more information.

Product Reviews

vlt06comp, Kanmantoo SA


I would like to say what a privilege this has been for all our family members to participate.
Peace of mind that if we loose keys, particularly the wife in her handbag, we can enter the house.
It operates efficiently and easily.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Roslyn131861, Bellara QLD


I was a bit surprised to hear I had finally won something, and thought what on earth is this that I won?
Well once we received the product, and my husband (who is by the way no handy man!)installed it in no time, we were very happy with the end result.
No more fumbling around for the key to the front door. I have found this particularly useful with an armful of groceries.
Also I have added my close family each time they visited, and was a very easy process.
Everybody should get one - an extremely useful innovative product.

Naddie04, Australind WA


Works well. Very convenient. I love it and the kids call it 'a totally awesome door'!!