4 x Magnolia Lounge Sleepwear Sets

About The Product

At Magnolia Lounge comfortable sleepwear is of utmost importance; after all we spend one third of our lives in bed.  The Magnolia Lounge team “bed test” all our sleepwear to ensure perfection in all our styles and ranges.
The Magnolia Lounge woman is sophisticated, savvy and chic.  She appreciates the good things in life but knows this does not need to come at a price which would break her bank account.  Additionally she wants to look and feel good but not to compromise her comfort.
Fabrication is key!  Each season Magnolia Lounge includes soft luminous viscose cotton sateen (which has become the Magnolia Lounge fabric of choice); silky and elegant viscose elastane, cotton and other luxurious blends.
The Magnolia Lounge team zealously research international and Australian fashion trends to create original, directional and commercial designs.
Magnolia Lounge have been known to blur the line between “bed wear” and “outerwear”.  Many of our customers have been known to wear their bed wear out and about!
We invite you to enter our world and indulge in delectable treasures yet to be discovered.
Available at selected boutiques and online at:

Product Reviews

Kristy1983, Korunye SA


Wow what a gift! I love the Magnolia sleepwear. Very soft and comfortable and the dressing gown is so soft, thick and lush! I certainly know where to buy my future pj's from. I could easily lounge around in these all day long on the couch as they are so comfortable.

Melinda, Carlingford NSW


The Magnolia sleepwear range is going to blow your mind. When I received my pack, the first thought I had was that the clothing was so soft! I've never come across pi's that feel so comfortable and tempt you to chuck a sickie in order to sit around in glorious luxury all day. Magnolia's sizes are true to form, and you don't have to worry about small or large sizes not fitting correctly, they are a perfect fit.
The design of the pyjama set is beautiful - I love the colours and the print is vibrant and elegant.
Having taken the Magnolia "sleep test" I can confirm that the comfort doesn't stop when you put Magnolia's clothes on - it keeps you warm, snug and looking good (a mean feat for some of us who look terrible in the midst of sleep!) throughout the night.
A well designed and perfect product, that is everything you want from sleepwear and a little bit more!

Kylie, Risdon Park SA


I was immediately impressed by how stylish and fashionable the Magnolia Lounge pyjamas are. They look gorgeous and feel luxurious, obviously designed with quality and appearance in mind. Not only do I feel special wearing them but they are more comfortable than any other PJ's I've ever worn. Hubby even commented how nice they where, considering compliments isn't something he is know for, that speaks volumes about the flattering design. Further more the staff where very helpful and wonderful to deal with. I feel certain customers would find shopping with Magnolia Lounge a pleasure. I was delighted to also try out a luxurious velour dressing gown that was a perfect match to the PJ's and a real treat to wear. So soft and snuggly, it was wonderful. Would I buy here again??? Absolutely, I've never worn a more comfy pair of pyjamas that also look stunning.