4 x Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

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About The Product

With many of us working remotely – between school runs and afternoon activities – our work life is increasing becoming a juggling act. Something we can all relate to is spending long hours cramped with our laptop perched uncomfortably on our laps. Logitech know just how you feel and has developed a range of great new products to help keep you sane – no matter where you are working from. The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 is as stylish as it is useful. Enjoy what you’re doing with rich, full stereo sound for music, online videos, and more. Sit the way you want to with a padded base and comfortable viewing angle for your notebook screen, whilst the quiet, efficient USB-powered fan keeps computer heat away from your body and circulates air around your laptop. Whether you’re writing a report in a cafe or keeping the kids occupied with a DVD on your laptop – the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 really is a lifesaver. This is a product that solves the problems of the modern work environment. Logitech Lapdesk N700 RRP $AU149.95.

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Product Reviews

brittbut90, Wynnum QLD


The first thing I thought when I recieved the email telling me that I was one of the lucky winners to review was YESSS!

Gone are now the days of sitting my laptop on my legs and having them go all red, blotchy and sweaty and then having to sit a pillow on my lap and then the laptop on top which didnt help anyway because it meant that the laptop was twice as overheated and I was still boiling!

Logitec have done all tech heads ( and even the non- techys as myself) a favour by combinding a fan for cooling purposes but also an awsome speaker system that makes you feel like you are in the front row of a concert or movie theature. The sounds are crystal clear and you would be surprised as to how loud the speakers will go.

The actual lapdesk is super comfy and lets you view the laptop at any angle whilst taking away the harsh heat of the laptop (so as to protect yourself and that expensive laptop)

I truly would recomend this lapdesk to everyone with a laptop because it is both in-genious and pratical!

Melanie, Ormeau QLD


It is the best lapdesk i have used to date, it fits my laptop perfectly and was very surprising.
Great sound from stereo speakers, quiet/efficient fan and simple usb connection and the packaging was classy and understated.
It is quite bulky so while perfect for home, not so great for travelling about.
the sound is crisp and clear and quite powerful. Much better than my normal laptop speakers
I love how cool it keeps the laptop while using it and it is comfortable to rest on your lap..its not awkward and well worth the dollars.
I only had one problem which wasnt big, but whenever i tried to use my headphones to keep the sound quiet at work, it wouldnt recognise the headphones and kept playing through the speakers, thankfully i did get it sorted and loved it

Wendy, Shepparton VIC


My children were beside themselves when I told them I would be testing the Logitec Speaker Lapdesk N700; and I was pretty excited as well! My 16 year old daughter had spotted a similar product in a shop one day and had mentioned that it would be great to get one, so when it arrived there was much debate about who was going to use it first. And of course it was me.....
I'm a great one for using the laptop in bed at night after I have done all my jobs for the day. I found the Lapdesk to be absolutely fantastic. It alleviated the heat that I usually feel whilst balancing the laptop on my thighs or knees and was completely comfortable.
My daughter is a music fanatic and has always got her iPod stuck in her ear. She loved being able to listen to her iPod through the speakers on the Lapdesk and surf the internet at the same time.
My 10 year old son said that it was much more comfortable for him when he was playing his game on the laptop, and had it resting on the Lapdesk.
The padded base was great and meant that the screen could be viewed at a comfortable angle. It was slightly heavy but the fan more than made up for that.
I would recommend the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk to anyone who finds themselves using a laptop on the go or who has children who use a laptop a bit. And as we don't really know whether the heat from using a laptop causes any damage; the Lapdesk can put our minds at ease.