4 x Kubern Ninja Cut Hoodies

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About The Product

Woman and Mens snow Hoody

www.kubern.com.au Designer snow wear is not just thinking fashion but also functionality while still in style.

The Kubern ninja cut hoody is the stylish must have for any snow enthusiast. From the hardcore to the weekend warriors, this is the perfect accessory for your next trip in the cold!

Invented for the happy times in life when you get yourself up to the snow and ride down the slopes. Facing the icy wind is not your problem anymore. Easily cover up with the specially designed Kubern ninja cut zip-up hood.

The freezing cold won’t get you anymore with the faux fur lining in the larger Kubern hoods and the extra thick fabric as well as the improved length. Kubern is making sure you freeze less and have more fun while in style. Because Kubern knows what’s important while in action, the Kubern Hoody has two zip up pockets to keep your belongings safe on the slopes or the after party. No need to worry about that anymore.The specially trademarked zip designed in a shark tooth shape on the pockets and hood, not only looks cool but gives you an easy grip even with gloves on.

Stylish Details like the Kubern original zip up face cover, large hoods with shark tooth zip pullers or the prints on sleeve, hood and back make the Kubern hoody a stand out product in the snow, mountains, beach or city.

For those of us who want it all and better…

Product Reviews

melinda1, Narre Warren South VIC


Just got back from a day at Falls Creek I washed the Kubern before hand and it dried in a day on the clothes line. It is the most warm stylish hoodie I have ever worn. The air was cold but I was cuddly warm and I looked great. No more cold days, this well made garment will be worn for many seasons at the snow. Thankyou so much Lifestyleyou and Kubern.