4 x Jiv.Elan Body Elixir Oils

About The Product

Jiv.Elan is Australia’s newest and most innovative skincare collection made fresh from luscious and luxurious botanicals sourced from the world's richest natural environments.

Jiv.Elan‘s artisan range is produced only in micro-batches and made with only natural preservatives to ensure each and every product is of the highest level of freshness.

The Body Elixir Oil is a luxurious body enhancing oil that is packed full of nourishing and active ingredients to deeply hydrate, smooth irritations and helps reduce redness while moisturising and improving skin tone and firmness providing a healthier appearance.

Product Reviews

Michelle, Moonee Ponds VIC


This is a beautiful, body elixir oil that feels great on my skin. All of my life I've battled dry skin so I really need products that are rich in natural oils. I've tried quite a few on the market and one of the things I like most about this one is its fragrance - so fresh and botanical.

I know it has been Infused with essential oils of Pink Lotus, Champaca, Juniper Berry and Coffee Arabica and I'm definitely picking up on the these but it also reminds me a little of the green tea scent which I love.

Margarita, Mentone VIC


Applied it in the steam room and the skin was very soft afterwards, lovely feeling. Though the smell reminds a little bit of the oils used as food I guess that's because it's a natural product without perfumes added. Very nice overall.

Julia550, Fennell Bay NSW


I have been using Jiv.Elan's Body Elixir Oil now for just over one month.
I have found it easy to apply to the skin after a shower. My skin has been a lot healthier since using the body elixir oil.
My skin was dry before using and now it is hydrated and definitely looking healthier.
It is easy to use and has made my morning routine much quicker than before using the body elixir oil.