4 x Jing Qi Shen prestigious haute couture elixir packages

About The Product

Jing Qi Shen presents it's prestigious haute couture elixir collection.
Advanced Science, Innovative Formulas and Opulence - Jing Qi Shen embodies all these characteristics. Pushing the boundaries of traditional science, Jing Qi Shen has developed an unsurpassed prestige brand like no other. Jing Qi Shen's unique combination of exquisite, rare and intensely potent ingredients is redefining anti-aging care for a new era.
Harnessing the power of some of the world's most cutting-edge ingredients, Jing Qi Shen partners with specialised formulators to construct products of integrity. These expert formulators craft exceptional skin care like no other. Jing Qi Shen infuses award winning active ingredients, guaranteeing exceptional and immediate long-lasting results.
The "art of one" has been uniquely formulated to cover your everyday anti ageing needs in a single bottle.
Fast, effective and responsibly sourced skincare, designed to eliminate the use of multiple products and alleviate skin irritations in the process.

Product Reviews

Nic81, Hammond Park WA


Noticed fast results with the skin changing the way it felt and no longer as oily as it normally was. The wrinkles and life lines have now faded and are not as noticeable, even others have noticed. very good product that I have shared with other family members to see what their results would be and they have all come back impressed and very happy with their results! I think we will find a lot of these under our Christmas trees this year! Very impressed!