4 x Javi Design Letterboxes

About The Product

We believe that your Letterbox should be as stylish and well designed as the home it’s attached to, that is why we developed the Javi Letterbox Range.

Architectural design cues have influenced an ageless aesthetic, which is suitable for residential and commercial use. The Accoya wood front panel can be customized with your home address engraved into the timber. The body is made from coated Australian steel and we use stainless steel hardware throughout for longevity and durability.

The Javi Letterbox has a range of clever details. Built with a discreet lock, magnetic latch, box within a box protective structure and hidden fasteners, you will appreciate the attention to detail put into all its features.

Product Reviews

Purple Nanna, St Marys TAS


What a surprise. I couldn't remember what the letterbox looked like, but when the box arrived, I rushed and opened it and I almost cried.

We bought our 129 yr old home approximately 14 years ago. Our current letterbox is just attached on the front fence, when the wind blows it turns around, the postie has to get off his bike and turn it around again. When it rains, we get wet mail. My husband was going to make one the same as the house, then it was going to be in the shape of a cow (I have a pet cow). Now, we are going to paint the front fence white so our new letterbox will look fantastic.

When the company rang, they asked which colour, so with their assistance, I chose the Charcoal letterbox. The Javi Letterbox is absolutely stunning. We just need to get a white post to attach it to, then once the outside of our home is painted and fence too, The front of our home will be finished. Thank you, oh yeah, one thing, The best thing I absolutely love is they send it with plain timber so you can either paint it, stain it, or just clear estapol it. Thank you, it is a brilliant idea. Each home is different.
xx dee