4 x Isowhey Shake and Meal Replacement Hampers

About The Product

Looking for more than just a protein powder? Look no further - the IsoWhey® range not only offers weight management solutions, but also serves as a wonderful nutritional addition for optimal health and wellbeing.
IsoWhey® has been developed for health conscious people looking for a way to balance good nutrition with a busy lifestyle. This everyday solution contains pure whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows combined with Seagreens®, a raw superfood and rich source of iodine, iron, calcium and potassium. IsoWhey® is packed with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, plus provides your body with digestive enzymes, prebiotic fibre and probiotics for nutritional and digestive balance.
Nutritious meals should be anything but a burden and that is why the IsoWhey® range boasts a variety of tasty flavours in the form of shakes, to provide you with nutritional balance, without compromising on taste.
IsoWhey® is recommended for daily nutritional supplementation; for those who are time-poor; for seniors; for those who have limited cooking abilities; and for those looking for long-lasting weight management solutions. The product range features un-denatured protein, is gluten free, and free from artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Product Reviews

Jodie362, Keilor Lodge VIC


This is a great product I used it for weight loss. Although I trialled the strawberry flavor which is not my favourite I found it worked to fill me until the next meal time without the need to snack (I do love the coffee flavour). The berry yoghurt bars tasted great and also kept me full until the next meal or even longer. So, great taste, works for weight loss and management and I will continue to use and buy other flavours. GREAT product.

Janise, Scoresby VIC


Loved Isowhey used as a meal replacement for breakfast as I usually rushed out with no breakfast.
I added extra ingredients banana strawberries
I found it was lumpy using shaker but when using blender very smooth.
Following workout I found I had lots more energy.
Will definitely purchase.