4 x Glowpear Urban Garden Planting Units

About The Product

The Glowpear™ Urban Garden is a modular planter specifically designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the urban environment. 

A contemporary design, aesthetic and durable construction make it perfect for balconies, courtyards, decks and patios, while clever design features ensure it is ready for use on any surface, indoors or out.  Best of all, you'll never forget  to water your plants again.

Every Glowpear™ Urban Garden comes with its own integrated self-watering system to ensure your plants thrive, regardless of your busy lifestyle.  Whatever your urban space, the Glowpear™ Urban Garden can bring it to life.

Product Reviews

Kristina117, Emerald QLD


I was so pleased when I learned that I had the opportunity to Try and Rate the Glowpear Urban Planting unit. Living in a rental house it is near impossible to do gardening, so I had resorted to planting in buckets! The Glowpear Urban Garden Planting Units are super trendy, and look good in any space. It was super easy to set up, and I loved the easy instructions. The self-watering feature is an added bonus, as it allows me to leave the plants for a few days without watering them! Perfect for when I go away, and the house sitter "forgets" to water the garden.
It's the perfect size, and I have managed to fit lettuces, carrots and garlic in there, with some extra space! For the size and features that the Urban Garden comes with, I think the price is fair, and I am considering buying another one because I love it so much. I would definitely recommend the Glowpear Urban Garden to anyone looking for a trendy and easy way to garden! I will definitely be telling my friends about this one.
Thanks to Glowpear and Lifestyle for this awesome product! :-)

Eringoode, Wellington Point QLD


As a tennant renting I was delighted to review this product and know I can take it with me when I move.
The set up was easy and fast and took under ten minutes. The instructions were simple and easy to follow.
We set it up on the deck and it probably took more time planting the seedlings than putting the whole thing together.
The self watering feature is brilliant and very deceptive as to how much water it can hold- which is a good thing. After a week our plants are established and growing - this is even with 35 degree days.
The look of the planter is very stylish and modern. The height of the planter is also really good so you don't have to bend over too much and perfect to keep the dog out.