4 x Eyesential under eye enhancers

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About The Product

Eyesential under eye enhancer is a unique non surgical cosmetic miracle which temporarily erases puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles in just minutes, yet lasts up to 10 hours - so no-one will ever tell you how tired you look again! Applied under make-up, the non penetrative light weight formula works immediately by forming an extremely fine and invisible veil under the eye leaving the skin notably smoother and younger looking. Eyesential is favoured by stars all over the world, including our very own Gina Riley, better known for her role as Kim, in the TV series, Kath & Kim. Eyesential was a must-have on set, Gina didn’t shoot an episode without it! This unique product is perfect for special occasions such as weddings and school reunions, but is still gentle enough to be used every day. Originally developed by legendary make-up artist Mark Traynor in the 1940’s, Eyesential was first used by the era’s biggest stars, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, to give them the flawless skin we all envy. Since then, Eyesential has gone on to be used on the set of major Hollywood films, including Sex & The City and Spiderman 2. On our own shores it's quickly become a must-have amongst our own Australian TV stars, used on the set of Neighbours, City Homicide, and Underbelly. RRP $129. Eyesential has been Dermatologically tested and the formula has not been tested on animals. For more information on Eyesential or to order online visit www.eternalbeautyproducts.com.au or call 1300 ETERNAL