4 x Evolvex by Luxmy TV Cabinet

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About The Product

Bridging the gap between high-end quality furniture and an accessible price point is new Australian made and owned furniture company Evolvex by Luxmy. For lovers of ‘eco design’, Evolvex™ by Luxmy brings an innovative and sustainable twist to flat pack furniture that is simple, clever and original…much like its intended owner! Evolvex™ by Luxmy is sold online www.evolvex.com and delivered to your door meaning that consumers don’t have to battle long cues, congested car parks and Saturday crowds.

Evolvex by Luxmy puts the CONSUMER in the Designer seat. Using our intuitive online design app, you construct furniture from our pre-fabricated parts, making easy and fun decisions on the type of furniture, the colour, the size and the configuration of parts. Think of this as LEGO for furniture with the number of combinations being infinite and interchangeable! The program generates a 3D rendered visual on the design to give a firm idea of how the design looks prior to purchase. It will also generate dynamic pricing throughout the design process based on the decisions taken. It will provide custom assembly instructions upon purchase.

www.evolvex.com is completely committed to their environmental policy and all of their eco accreditations ensure that no inferior or unfriendly products enter the supply chain at any stage. Their vision is to offer eco friendly products at an affordable price range. And the great thing is,it's all purchased online and delivered straight to your door!